Alexander Isak strikes back at Zlatan’s criticism: “What is there to complain about?”

After the heavy loss against Georgia follows a debate about Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s influence on the Swedish attacking game and his role in it.

Alexander Isak admits that his own task will be different, but defends the duo’s efforts in the losing match.

– What is there really to complain about, it is only the goals that should come in, says the striker.

Sweden lined up chances against Georgia and both players and leaders pointed out after the heavy loss (0-2) on Thursday night that it was a match Sweden should have won.

Alexander Isaac met the media at a digital press conference the day after the adversity and he was on that very track.

– If we score a goal there in the first half, the match picture changes completely and the view of the match. We create many chances together and together with the whole team and what we have to do to win football matches, then the ball has to come in as well.

– Unfortunately, we did not have the margins with us, he says.

Both in Sweden and internationally, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s return to the national team attracts attention.

“Sweden stumbled something violently in Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s first international since March. The 40-year-old’s reunion with national team football came completely in the shadow of hard-working Georgians “, writes the Norwegian newspaper VG.

The national team and Zlatan. Again. The environment is worse. Again. So far, no national team captain or Swedish national team has managed to get the most out of Zlatan and the rest. At the same time. Reduced to power play station for alibi balls instead of the world-class combo player he is. Again.“, Writes the TV profile Ola Wenström Twitter after the loss to Georgia.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic started together with Alexander Isak at the top of the Swedish attack. His role as a point of play was clear.

“Getting better”

Sportbladet asked Alexander Isak to evaluate the collaboration with the attacking colleague during Friday’s press conference.

Did you change your game when you played with him?

– It will be a little different. It will be a bit more to work in depth and work around him and I still think it worked quite well considering that we created as many chances as we did. But sometimes the ball does not want to enter, he points out.

The question was also whether Alexander Isak became a little less active, a little less forward-leaning in his tactical ambition.

– I do not know, it is clear that when we play with Zlatan he is very big and strong and there can be more balls on Zlatan where you work around him, than if someone else plays there. The game will be different, but we create an incredible amount so I would definitely not say that the game gets worse, he points out and continued:

– I do not think it really affects us in any way but for the better. It’s a high class player and we play the way we played yesterday and we played enough chances to win the match in the first half. What is there really to complain about, it’s just the goals that should come in. If we put them there, everything would have been peace and joy, but now it is as it is and we get to look forward to the Spain match, says Isak before the decision in Sevilla.

Assistant national team captain Peter Wettergren said on Friday that all players are healthy and whole before the meeting with Spain.

Are Zlatan and Isak the right attacking pair against Spain?

– The team we are discussing who will play. But everyone is available and we will see which team we choose.

The match against Georgia was the Milan star’s second after his latest injury. The question is whether the body handles another match on Sunday.

– I felt good today. The more I play, the better. It’s a week with two matches in the body now and the third on Sunday … We’ll see what Janne wants, how his plans are. I’ll do it. If he wants me on the pitch, I’m on the pitch. There is nothing I say against. My mentality is that I line up as soon as he wants, Ibrahimovic said after the loss in Georgia.

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Alexander Isak strikes back at Zlatan’s criticism: “What is there to complain about?”

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