Anthony Davis raises his voice and attacks the Lakers

Not even time to enjoy success against a great team like the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers are again faced with an inexplicable defeat. Over 5 at half-time at home to the Minnesota Timberwolves, who arrived in Los Angeles with an open streak of six straight defeats, the yellow-purple collapsed completely in the third quarter, suffering a run of 29-4 who turned the game around. With LeBron James still out of the game, it was Anthony Davis to show up in front of the microphones to shake up the team: “What happened in the third quarter? We sucked. We didn’t defend, we never made a basket. But it’s not just this third quarter: every third quarter this year we started slowly in both halves “said AD, best scorer of his with 22 points but only 6 in the second half with 2/5 shooting, against a Karl- Anthony Towns scores 29 points, including 18 in the third quarter alone. “I don’t know why that happens. But we have to do a better job: we scored 12 points against their 40, we lost the game there. “Davis then continued putting the team before his responsibilities:”We have to decide what we want to be. A title team? We are not at this time. We cannot win the title by playing as we are playing now. We need to improve, we must care more about winning home games or victories in general. It was embarrassing: we were above 5 at half-time and then we didn’t make a basket anymore. There was no commitment in the third quarter. In the first half we made mistakes but there was commitment and energy, in the third quarter nothing “.

Davis: “You can also lose, but by playing the right way”


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Trying to find a solution to get out of this bad defeat – after the Lakers had won the previous three games -, AD indicated his formula: “The what we can’t do is point fingers at each other and blame each other. We must remain united and we must also learn from the videos: tomorrow will be an important day to understand where we went wrong. We hate feeling like this: everyone loses games, but you have to lose in the right way, making sure that others beat us and not us beat us alone. Those are the most frustrating defeats. The season is still long, we have some players out but those who are available must be enough for us to win basketball games. We have to go back to playing Lakers basketball: sometimes you see it, sometimes you don’t. We have to put together a streak of games in which we play our basketball for 48 minutes: then we can live with any result.“. Injuries are obviously having a bearing on the yellow-violet’s performance, even if Davis doesn’t want to use them as an excuse:”Looking at the ‘Big Picture’ we realize that we have one of our stars out in LeBron, two young filmmakers like Kendrick Nunn and Talen Horton-Tucker, a guy who was giving us a big hand like Austin Reaves and one of the best 3&D we have in Trevor Ariza. So we understand that there is room for improvement in the long run. But right now there is only frustration, because we know we are a good team. But we have to do what we know how to do regardless of who is on the pitch: we didn’t do it today. “

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Anthony Davis raises his voice and attacks the Lakers

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