ANTOŠ’S BLADE: Jagr and judge, that’s ridiculous! The fine for Douder’s truth is embarrassing

Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

The message was perfectly clear. And I am very surprised that Třinec received a fine of ten thousand from the director of the Řezníček extra league. I’m embarrassed. Anyone other than one of the experienced players should already say that the differences in behavior towards Jágr are so marked that the referees should already think about it.

In my opinion, Douder did not want to offend the extra league or the referee. He just wanted to point out a fact that he doesn’t think and he finds it ridiculous. And probably not only to him, but to all players who watch the referees’ behavior towards Jágr.

What Milan Doudera said about Jaromír Jágr:
With all due respect to him in the league and what he is going through, he would not pass in any other league. Even today. That’s funny. But that’s the way it is, we have to fight it.
I don’t want to get fined. But you saw how the match unfolded, what controversial situations were there. We slowly had to laugh at it, it was awkward.
I’m not saying it’s Jagr’s fault. He does the best he can for Kladno. The mistake is somewhere else, but I don’t want to go into detail here and go into details so that there are no problems.

Douder said it exactly. With great respect and reverence for Jágr for what he did. But it is simply the fact that Jágr has the advantage over others that he returns to the judges, constantly discussing with them. And they tolerate it, which is bad for everyone. And the audience sees it too.

With all the respect that goes to Jágr, it is embarrassing, Douder’s back from Třinec smiled

If one of the players says something like that in public, it has to happen to such an extent that it’s funny even for the hockey players themselves, as Douder himself said.

How else should players indicate that this is not right? What other way than to point out in an interview that this is no longer possible and exceeds the tolerable limit? This is not just about Jagra. The crucial thing is the message to the referee: “You are not impartial and we players see it!”

In the game series of the extra league, it is stated that the actors of the match may not evaluate the performances or statements of the referees on the day of the match under the threat of a fine of 10,000 crowns. So Třinec caught it for Douder. But I think that the time is long gone when the referees solved after almost every match. Players are wiser today and see that referees are not to blame for everything.

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Třinec, Milan Douder, is chasing Jaromír Jágr from Kladno.

Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

I think the time has come when the rule prohibiting the judging of judges on the day of the match should be lifted. Players have the right to say that the referees sometimes do not do their job well. Nobody wants to read the conversations about the match the next day. All fans are interested in that day.

Kladno has had a difficult weekend, when the leader Třinec played on the ice and then in Zlín with a direct competitor in the fight for rescue. I think the Knights did it. They did not fail at the Steelmakers and on Sunday they scored a very important win 5: 1. On the contrary, it is very difficult for Zlín fans to bear this loss. This match was kicked by Zlín completely far from being rescued in the extra league. The light at the end of the tunnel begins to disappear in Zlín.

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Milan Antos (51) is a former hockey striker, today an assistant to the coach of the Slavia youth and a co-commentator of the Czech Television. He played the Czech extra league for twelve seasons, playing for Slavia, Plzeň, Jihlava and Ústí nad Labem. He won the title with the people of Prague in 2003 and bronze in 2000, and silver with the West Bohemians four years later.

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ANTOŠ’S BLADE: Jagr and judge, that’s ridiculous! The fine for Douder’s truth is embarrassing

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