At the Festival Luis Scola and Dino Radja, heroes without borders. Book your seat

Olympic companies, Europe and the pro ‘USA. On Saturday at 9 pm the meeting with the two basketball myths

Italy, Euroleague and Nba. Three basketball themes that at the 2021 Sport Festival, scheduled in Trento from Thursday to Sunday, will be developed by two international level champions. Dino Radja and Luis Scola, phenomena of their time, sharing the same role and career path, will bring their experiences as successful and long-lived sportsmen to Trento. The appointment is for Saturday evening, at 9 pm, at the Palazzo della Regione. To book admission (free, like all Festival events) click on this link.


Radja, 54 years old, Croatian from Split, witness and protagonist of the great generation of the last former Yugoslavia and Croatia opponent of the Bird-Magic-Jordan Dream Team in Barcelona 1992, has now closed his career for fifteen years remaining in the environment as member of the Boston Celtics community, the team that in 1993 chose him in the draft and called him to the NBA after three years of experience in Rome. Radja meanwhile has been inducted into the Naismith Hall of Fame, the world’s ark of glory that gathers the best of all time. His parable began in the Split of coach Maljkovic, when with Toni Kukoc he formed the pair of the “urchins” of Europe, two very young talents who together brought two Champions Cups to the Dalmatian club. Then the passage to the ambitious Messaggero of Gardini / Ferruzzi, a three-year period in the capital that culminated with the conquest of the Korac Cup in 1992, followed by the flight to America, four years in the Celtics that restarted after Larry Bird, then the return to the Euroleague on two Athenian shores, first Panathinaikos then Olympiacos and the closure in his homeland, in Split that had launched him, very young, among the stars. In between a lot of activity with the national teams of the former Yugoslavia and Croatia, winning two Olympic silver medals (one for National) and two European golds.


Luis Scola was still an active player until August, while in Tokyo he celebrated his fifth Olympics, after having reached the pinnacle of gold medal at the 2004 Athens Games. Only a few days ago, accepting the position of CEO of Varese decided to retire at the beautiful age of 41. His epic, after his youth debuts in Buenos Aires, began in Spain, in Tau Vitoria, with which he played seven seasons, established himself and reached two Euroleague finals, touching the title he deserved for class and dedication to because of the Basque club. The move to the NBA – where he stayed for ten seasons between Houston Rockets, Phoenix Suns, Indiana Pacers, Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets – was the moment of the right consecration, then the slow sunset managed with intelligence, looking for new and different experiences to always have the right stimuli. First in China and then in Italy, at the age of 38, called by coach Messina in Milan in the season canceled by Covid and the last stop in Varese where he finished as the third league scorer. There are many who bet that in a few years he too will be in the Hall of fame. His extraordinary career is the guarantee to take the Springfield elect stage. It’s just a matter of time.


Alongside the Sport Festival also for the 2021 edition, important companies and institutions have chosen to be brand partners of the event by actively contributing to the development of the schedule. They are Main Partner: Audi and Enel. Premium Partner: Fastweb, Cassa Centrale Group and UnipolSai. Partner: Herbalife Nutrition, La Sportiva, Pastificio Felicetti, Piaggio 1. Sustainability Partner: Ecopneus, Scientific Partner: Humanitas, Official Sneaker: SUN68. Official radio is Radio Italia.

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At the Festival Luis Scola and Dino Radja, heroes without borders. Book your seat

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