Six sequels that the whole world awaits: from Bloodborne 2 to the Simpsons

Six sequels that the whole world awaits from Bloodborne 2

Some of the best video games out there deserve followings but are slow to receive (or never will). Here are the ones gamers want. Remakes are a very hot trend in the video game industry right now. Classics like Final Fantasy VII and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater have been brought to life with a new … Read more

Migliori FPS: i 15 migliori sparatutto mai fatti – eSports & Gaming

Migliori FPS i 15 migliori sparatutto mai fatti eSports

La classifica dei migliori FPS mai realizzati, che comprende i single-player e i multiplayer competitivi, le storie e le sfide online che sono rimaste nel vostro cuore. Una volta erano veicolo di innovazione tecnologica, poi sono diventati il mezzo preferito di tutti per raccontare. Quando Internet ha cominciato a prendere piede, gli sparatutto erano lì … Read more

Battlefield 2042 update fixes bugs but “breaks” the mouse

Battlefield 2042 update fixes bugs but breaks the mouse

The latest update corrects over 150 problems between maps, weapons and Specialists, but adds a bizarre one (for which there is already a “homemade” solution). One of the most important things to do in shooters is to aim with your weapons. On consoles, it is possible to do this with the analog stick, while on … Read more

One of the most important Final Fantasy, and its role in Endwalker

One of the most important Final Fantasy and its role

Final Fantasy IV will play a fundamental role in the story of Final Fantasy XIV, not only in secondary aspects such as mounts and minions. Here because. To prepare you worthily for the new chapter in the history of Final Fantasy XIV, it’s worth taking a look at Endwalker’s references to Final Fantasy IV, which, … Read more

If you liked Arcane, check out Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

If you liked Arcane check out Ruined King A League

On the wings of the success of the Netflix animated series, Riot Games and its Forge are launching a new adventure and action game. Arcane, the animated series scanned on Netflix along the course of the month of November, has sent League of Legends into the mainstream orbit. The series was acclaimed by critics and … Read more

Pirelli 2022 calendar: Bryan Adams talks about the rock stars “On The Road”

Pirelli 2022 calendar Bryan Adams talks about the rock stars

The Canadian musician, who shot the 48th edition of the most glamorous and exclusive calendar, presented his work in streaming The Cal is back on track after last year’s stop due to a pandemic. The Pirelli 2022 signed by Bryan Adams is called “On The Road”, for the first time made by a rocker and … Read more

Ready Player One is reality: the role of video games and why it is a problem

Ready Player One is reality the role of video games

Why are Facebook with Meta and Epic Games focusing so much on the metaverse? And what is the role of video games? The explanation gives us a leap in 2030 … The year is 2030. You’re dining while your kids (adults who can’t start a family due to inflation) sit next to you, dabbing and … Read more

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