Bills, Rams, Cowboys: the fall of the gods. Rodgers: a nice silence was never written

Sunday of sensational upset in the league, still without a real boss. The Packers qb does damage every time he opens his mouth, but without him Green Bay is going nowhere

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Exciting Monday Night with Cairo Santos missing an almost impossible field goal from 65 yards allowing Pittsburgh to take home the 29-27 victory. In turn, the Steelers had operated the counter with a Chris Boswell three-point kick from 40 yards to 26 “from the end after Darryl Mooney’s td at -1’46” allowed the Bears to take the lead for the first time. once, with Pitt sprinting at 20-6. Two teams with many holes, but they are not the only ones given what had happened before. Who lost the most points on Black Sunday? Justin Love, the Bengals, Kyle Shanahan, the Bills, the Cowboys or the Rams? Nice fight.


Let’s not go into vaccine yes, vaccine no. This is not the place. But it is clear that from the Rodgers case the image of a player (better, a person) self-centered emerges who thinks that the rules apply only to others. Every time he opens his mouth he loses a good opportunity to shut up. We are waiting for the NFL (Goodell, where are you?) To act because there is a regulation and it has been broken. And there must be consequences. But the KC knockout confirmed how indispensable Aaron is for the Packers. If the future is Love, good luck … He’s not a rookie even though he was first time as a starter. He looked like a fish out of water and showed nothing that could give hope for exponential growth. “All you need is love”, sang the Beatles. All you need is Rodgers, Cheesehead sing … The Chiefs for their part continue to disappoint. They won, ok, but how? Scoring 13 points, with Pat Mahomes throwing by just 166 yards, his career minimum. They will struggle to make the playoffs.

the fall of the Gods

Buffalo losing at the home of the Jags is the most sensational result of the day. Unless we overestimated the Bills. After all, the 5 wins came against Houston, Miami (twice), Washington and Chiefs. If at the time the one on KC could have been considered a red circle victory, today it must be seen from another perspective. Brodino arriving at the home of the Jets next Sunday. Dallas played the wild card. In the sense that a day like this happens to everyone. Throwing the cross on him would be excessive. Provided he redeems himself quickly, already with Atlanta next time. Of course, finishing under 0-30 at home with Denver raises a few eyebrows. And then there are the Rams. Possibly they underestimated the Titans at the first without Henry, thinking it would all be easy. Instead they got it on the teeth. Right after the week we all crowned them for adding Von Miller. The moral? There doesn’t seem to be a much stronger team than the others at the moment. And that’s good, it makes everything more fascinating.

Niners, all to be redone

But are we sure that Kyle Shanahan is this great bench genius? He has a career balance of 32-40. In 4 years Chip Kelly finished with 28-35, an identical 44% win rate. And not exactly remembered in the NFL as Vince Lombardi. Jimmy G is confirming all the doubts there were about him. It was said: “Yes, but with Garoppolo they made it to the Super Bowl”. Others argued: “Despite Garoppolo they reached the SB”. Let’s say in medio stat virtus. But Trey Lance is warming up the engines and at this point with the playoffs a mirage, better let the rookie gain experience.


“Just when I thought I was out, they drag me back in,” Michael Corleone said in The Godfather. Also applies to the Bengals. Every time you think you’re out of it, this is a good year, you fall back on it. True, the post-Odell Beckham Jr Browns had a lot to prove, but there was never a match. And after the shame with the Jets, much more evidence was expected. Instead they are the usual Bengals.


One of those weeks since … Raiders. They were once known to be a squad of leftovers or so. After losing coach Gruden, who resigned following racist and sexist emails that surfaced, they saw their best receiver, rookie Henry Ruggs III go to jail for street murder (rightfully cut immediately), before finding another hot potato. in his hands, the video of cornerback Damon Arnette, in which the first choice of 2020 (absolute number 19 from Ohio State) with a weapon in his hands threatens someone to death. Also for himself the fate of Ruggs: cut. Well, you say, luckily there is the field. Wrong. They went to New York and got them from the Giants. In disarray.

Hush hush …

Little is said about the Cardinals. They have the best balance of the league (8-1), they dominated at home of the Niners without the starting qb (Kyler Murray), the best receiver (DeAndre Hopkins), the best defender (JJ Watt) and for most of the game running back Chase Edmonds (staggered, will miss several races). Cheers to Colt McCoy, who played a great game in Murray’s place. Yet there are still many who are not convinced that they are from the Super Bowl, including us. We will end up being proven wrong perhaps.

players of the week

Josh Allen. No, not that Josh Allen, the Bills’ qb. Let’s talk about the other one, the one who got his hands on him throughout the game, the Jags linebacker. Eight “solo” tackles, 1 sack, 1 fumble recovered and 1 interception. Devastating. Honorable mention for the usual TJ Watt, with his 3 sacks on Monday Night. In attack we reward James Conner, Cardinals running back: 96 yards in 21 runs with 2 tds, 5 receptions for 77 yards and another td. Not bad for someone who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma less than 6 years ago and who had to undergo endless courses of chemotherapy.

the super bowl of the week

And here are pains given the results. So let’s go back to the Goat (by the way, do you know who is the favorite for the mvp according to the Vegas bookmakers? Eh yes, again him …) for the NFC, focusing on Tampa after the bad day of the Rams. In the Afc it is a lottery company. Let’s say Ravens even after the victory over the not irresistible (euphemism) Vikings, for lack of alternatives. The Titans have the best balance (7-2) but in the long run without Henry they will pay off.

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Bills, Rams, Cowboys: the fall of the gods. Rodgers: a nice silence was never written

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