Bundesliga: perplexity at Rapid after removal

While the Carinthians can go into the upcoming international break relaxed, at Rapid it’s time to mop up. After the bitter 1: 3 in the Europa League at Dinamo Zagreb, it set the next and, due to the weak performance, even more severe damper.

In addition, the Viennese slipped out of the upper half of the table. “We were clearly the worse team. That was not suitable for the Bundesliga. The appearance is more than disappointing, shameful. That’s not what you want to see at Rapid, ”summed up a wrinkled Kühbauer after the defeat.

Rapid goes down against WAC

The Lavanttal-Arena will not remain good ground for Rapid. The Hütteldorfer have to admit defeat at Wolfsberger AC 4: 1.

“Cheap goals conceded”

It is a fact that you have played ten more international games than the WAC. “Still, I don’t want to use it as an excuse that you don’t get into a duel and want to move forward, but not backward,” said the coach. In addition, the goals were presented to the opponent. The players were also aware of this. “If you get goals conceded so cheaply, you don’t need to worry if you lose 4-1,” said Thorsten Schick.

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Kühbauer could not be satisfied with the performance of his team

The season is still a classic roller coaster ride. “We don’t manage to bring several good games onto the pitch.” According to defender Emanuel Aiwu, they didn’t present themselves as a cohesive team. “Everyone did their own thing, it can’t go on like this.” The players were spared a booth sermon on Sunday. Yet. “Silence is also a good way sometimes, but silence doesn’t last long. I’ll sleep over it for one night, then the silence will be broken, ”announced Kühbauer.

WAC “in really good shape”

For the WAC, the 4: 1 was already the sixth competitive win in a row. “We are in really good shape at the moment,” said the delighted German coach Robin Dutt. Even before the break, the Carinthians laid the foundation for the fifth league win en suite and the revenge for the home-1: 8 with hits from Adis Jasic (22nd), David Gugganig (31st) and Cheikhou Dieng (45th + 1) in spring and the 0: 3 in Vienna on August 8th. “We deserved to win 4-1, so a lot of things have worked out,” said Dutt. The success was also “really important” for the point gap. Eight points is the cushion on the only seventh-placed Hütteldorfer.

Their double burden played the home side in the cards. “It wasn’t that easy for Rapid, the opponents are missing a few percent because of the international games, and it’s not easy to play against us at the moment,” said Dutt. Jasic is currently a guarantee of success for the WAC. Whenever the 18-year-old has been in the starting line-up in his short career, the WAC has won.

“If we don’t lose, I see no reason to take him out,” said Dutt. Gugganig and Dieng, who shone with his speed, were new to the starting line-up and were convincing. “It’s always stupid when good players are missing, but at the moment we have players who can fill the gap well,” emphasized the WAC coach.

Team spirit as the secret of success

That is also one of the reasons for the soaring. “In contrast to the beginning of the season, substitutes keep the level or improve it because someone who is fresh comes in and a tired person goes out. That makes me happy and also shows that we have a good team. “

Team spirit is one of the secrets of success. “We try to act as a unit and meanwhile defend with everyone,” explained Dutt. Jasic also emphasized this: “Everyone runs back, we all help each other, that’s why we are successful.” President Dietmar Riegler is also enthusiastic: “We are in top shape, can beat anyone.”

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Bundesliga: perplexity at Rapid after removal

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