Challenges with ourselves, doping and dangerous ambitions: how much sport is Alice nella Città

The autonomous section, which already has its winners, has always dedicated space to sport. We have chosen three special films: “Takeaway” also inspired by the story of Giuliana Salce, the docufilm about Veronica Yoko Plebani “Body to body” and “Natural left-handed” about a mother ready to do anything for the success of her footballer son

Waiting for the grand finale on Sunday with the preview of “Eternals”, the long-awaited Marvel film directed by Chloe Zhao, Alice in the City, the autonomous and parallel section of the Rome Film Festival dedicated to the youngest, had its winners yesterday : Celine Sciamma’s “Petite Maman” triumphed as Best Picture, while Kenneth Branagh was awarded Best Director for “Belfast”. Also this edition saw many films dedicated to sport, considered a fundamental component of the social life of young people. Last year there was “Tigers”, a true and dramatic story of former Inter Primavera Martin Bengtsson who has just been chosen by Sweden as an Oscar nominee. Three in particular have caught our attention this year.


“Takeaway” by Renzo Carbonera tells the story of a walker, played by the talented Carlotta Antonelli, who in order to live up to the expectations of her father and her coach and partner Johnny (Libero De Rienzo in his last great acting test before the tragic death ) yields to doping temptation. If you combine marching and doping today, the head goes straight to Schwazer, but the director assures us that it has nothing to do with it: “The first draft of the film precedes his conviction and I must admit that mine is above all an aesthetic choice: the march. it looks a bit like a dance, it can be elegant and ironic at the same time, it’s particular. And then I needed an endurance sport, not only because doping is used more in certain types of activities, but precisely for a filmic issue : I needed fatigue as a narrative element “. Schwazer therefore has nothing to do with it, but this story is very reminiscent of that of Giuliana Salce, who in fact gave her contribution above all in helping Carlotta to march at her best: “Initially succeeding was tragic, very difficult – says the actress -. I trained for three months three times a week. I really thought I would not make it, but in the end I unlocked myself and it was very cool. I worked a lot with Giuliana too and beyond the help on the technique, which for me was a lot important, he shared his story with us with great generosity, opening up on a human level and this certainly helped us a lot “. Carbonera continues: “Doping here is a metaphor to tell about the weakness and temptation due to ambition, this desire for success which then leads to entering these self-destructive spirals. And this unfortunately does not start only in sport, it is a very widespread addiction. of which it is important to show the risks “. The film, produced by Fandango, does not yet have a release date. But it’s worth waiting for.


Also absolutely worth seeing is “Body to Body”, the documentary by Maria Iovine dedicated to the 25-year-old Paralympic athlete Veronica Yoko Plebani, winner of a bronze in the triathlon at the Paralympics. A powerful and touching portrait of the champion hit at the age of 15 by bacterial meningitis, who today is divided between universities, evenings with friends, sporting commitments and medical checks. “I have led a very rich and complete life up to now,” he explains in the film, hoping to be an inspiration to those who are following his same path. “I am happy that in the film you can see my weaknesses – says Yoko – but that my strength also emerges”. And the director: “I wanted to talk about women and their condition. I wanted to tell Veronica in the round and not just as an athlete. When I met her I immediately saw her as a normal girl with no scars and no prosthetics. She relied on me, but I too relied on her. There was great mutual trust. She is a girl who has pursued a goal, not just sports, and has achieved it. She is herself in spite of everything and has managed to go beyond diversity. We are in the age of Instagram and Tik Tok where people use filters to look more beautiful. On the contrary, she shows herself for what she is and is beautiful as she is. And this is a message that applies to all women ”. Veronica continues: “Unfortunately women are still valued in sport more for their beauty than for their performance. And this certainly also derives from an important legislative vacuum. We still have to break the cultural patterns.” Also for this docufilm, produced by Lagedor, there is still no release date.

Left-handed Natural

And then there is “Mancino naturale”, a film by Salvatore Allocca with Claudia Gerini in the role of a mother of a young football player, Paolo, named in honor of Paolo Rossi and like him with a phenomenal left. This too is a tale of dangerous ambitions, in this case of the mother more than the son: “She adores him and his talent, but sometimes she forgets that she has only one child in front of her and that she cannot put everything on the shoulders of a 12-year-old. this weight “, comments Gerini. Ambiguous and dangerous figures gravitate around his character (one of which is played by Massimo Ranieri). The director explains: “I wanted to tell a lonely woman in a very masculine world like that of football. When we documented, we saw that mothers are much more often the real promoters of these dreams, you see them furiously on the sidelines”. And Gerini: “Football is a world where the pressure is enormous due to the amount of money that goes around”. The arrival of the film, produced by Emma Film, Fenix ​​Entertainment with Rai Cinema, is expected in the first months of 2022.

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Challenges with ourselves, doping and dangerous ambitions: how much sport is Alice nella Città

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