Clippers, message to the NBA: 6 wins in a row, even Miami gives up

Dragged by Paul George and Reggie Jackson, Ty Lue’s men continue their ascent. The Heat leave Los Angeles with two defeats in 24 hours

After a victory like this, recovering from -17 and fighting point to point with one of the best teams in the East, the message that the Los Angeles Clippers want to send alliba comes loud and clear: we are here too. Kawhi Leonard will also be missing, but Ty Lue’s team has no plans to step aside while they wait for their star. Seeing the 112-109 over Miami to grow: a victory with character, catching up with the disadvantage of the first half and finally resisting the comeback of Kyle Lowry. It is the sixth win in a row, one that puts the Clippers back among the powers of the West. Miami instead leaves Los Angeles with two defeats in 24 hours, Jimmy Butler’s injury to be evaluated and the certainty of being worth a lot. Even if it went badly in the city of angels.


The Clippers (7 won-4 lost so far) won because Paul George was not alone. PG put in 25 points, but in the second half the difference was made by Reggie Jackson (22 points after the silent scene of the first 24 ‘) and Eric Bledsoe (21 points), thorns in the side in the Miami defense. Excellent Ivica Zubac (18 points and 11 rebounds), more than equal to the comparison with Bam Adebayo. The Clippers finished with 5 players in double figures, keeping Miami on 38 points in the two center quarters after conceding 40 in the first. They wavered only when Lowry started playing demon-possessed in the final period. The Clippers have talent, and after losing 4 of their first 5 games they figured out how to use it.

Without Jimmy

Miami (7-5) is also talented, only without Jimmy Butler it’s not the same. Against the Clippers came the third defeat in a row, fourth in the last 5 games: with the alpha male in the pits, Spoelstra moved Tyler Herro (23 points) to the quintet, but in doing so he weakened the bench. Adebayo (30 points and 11 rebounds) was the most consistent, but Miami would not have risked the reversal if it weren’t for Lowry, who put in 22 points in the last quarter alone confirming that he is the right player for Miami. This is why the Heat are optimistic: the flaws are not lacking (9/41 out of three out of all), but there is grit, talent and discipline to try to do something great again.

The match

Miami starts strong, despite Butler is out for the sprained ankle remedied against the Lakers. Adebayo is unleashed (19 points in the first period), but it is Herro who signs the maximum advantage at 38-21 at 1’25 “from the first siren. The Clippers are getting closer but it is in the 3rd quarter that they guess the turnaround, with the explosion of Jackson (15 points in the period) fuel of the escape that at 9’07 “from the end finds the 93-82 with a triple from Bledsoe. It seems over, instead Lowry brings out his character and moves back into Miami, signing 108-107 with 40 ”from the end, which definitively reopens the match. The last 40 ”is a game of chess: the last possession belongs to the Heat, who can only try the triple of the hook but they mess and can’t build. And the Clippers celebrate.

LA Clippers:George 27 (8/16 of two, 3/9 of three, 2/2 free throws), Jackson 22, Bledsoe 21. Rebounds: Zubac 11. Assists: George 5.

Miami: Adebayo 30 (12/18, 6/8 tl), Lowry 25. Herro 23. Rimbalzi: Adebayo 11. Assist: Vincent 6.

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Clippers, message to the NBA: 6 wins in a row, even Miami gives up

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