Cunningham, what a disastrous start. But the boy will

The first absolute pick in the last draft in the first 4 races with the Pistons shot with 23%: no rookie has ever done worse. The director, however, has the weapons to grow and not become a new Fultz start from negative rcvortd for

The start was slow, but don’t rush to pass judgment on Cade Cunningham. The No. 1 pick of the 2021 draft, the Detroit Pistons playmaker, is having a damn hard time shooting on impact with the NBA. His debut was delayed by an injury, a sprained right ankle, so far he has only played 4 games and the figures are frightening: 13/56 shooting, a tremendous 23%. From three points things went even worse: 4/28, 14%. In short, for a franchise that has made (many) more choices wrong than it has recently, is it already time to worry? No, not necessarily. Cunningham is a special talent, in a month looking back, in Motown they could laugh about it, thinking back to the bad start, because of a … bad, the big boy from Oklahoma State University.

false start

Cunningham hadn’t started badly in the Summer League. Which counts very little in terms of technical evaluations but helps to fuel and as morale, useful for making younger players gain confidence who are used to playing against their peers, less physical and savvy, on average. Three games with 18.7 points, 5.7 rebounds and 2.3 assists per game, in three performances. Then he got hurt at the start of training camp, skipping the entire preseason. The Pistons were in no hurry: such a valuable investment must be preserved. And therefore the debut came only in the fifth match of the regular season, at home, against Orlando. It coincided with the team’s first victory, the only one in Detroit, 1-8 record, so far. Cunningham just scored a basket for the Magic, shooting 1/8 (0/5 from 3 points). Against Milwaukee the statistics remained merciless: 2/14, slight, but not satisfactory improvements against Philadelphia (4/17) and Brooklyn (6/17). A disaster, let’s face it. Especially if you are the first pick in a luxury draft like the last one, which has churned out talents like Evan Mobley and Scottie Barnes, who started very strong in Cleveland and Toronto. But calm down: the shooting numbers are just the tip of the iceberg.

Credit opening

Cunningham in college proved to be a good shooter: 44%, 40% of 3 points for a freshman are quality figures. The Texan was “one & done”, he stayed at the university for only one season. In short, before anyone starts talking about Fultz 2.0, the disappointing first overall pick of the 2017 draft held back by the lack of shooting, it would be appropriate to take a deep breath and wait a moment before saying things you might later regret. Cunningham, unlike Fultz, seems to have a strong personality, in short, if the shot has not entered so far it has not been due to who knows what fear or psychological block. Cunningham simply had a fight with the irons in the baskets. But it has good mechanics, it reassures everyone the effectiveness of free throws: 13/14 from the line.

full package

Cunningham more than ever is reiterating that he has excellent playing instincts, readings and level visions, essential for those who will have the ball very much in hand. And not having crashed into a rock at the pick & roll exam, fundamental in NBA offensive schemes and not always easy to digest for college point guards. You may remember the effort made by Lonzo Ball, who is also a quality passer. And then the height, over two meters, allows him to be a versatile defender, for a freshman just starting out he seemed less confused than expected. He is working with good will to integrate better with Killian Hayes, his teammate on the outside, also very young, chosen a year earlier by the Pistons always in the draft, with the call number 7. Work in progress, in short. Of course, impact numbers are bad for the eyes and soul. His first three games have the dubious privilege of having set a record: the worst shooting percentage in NBA history (at least 30 shots attempted) for the first three career outings, in fact. The 17.9% obtained from the 7/39 start is a negative record. The good news for Pistons fans? The third worst percentage start ever is from Jordan Poole, the Golden State guard, who started with 21.9% as a freshman. Here, this year he scores repeatedly as Curry’s companion in the department, a revelation of this start of the season. In short, easy with the opinions on Cade Cunningham. The boy will do, the bickering with the baskets will likely soon be just an annoying memory.

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Cunningham, what a disastrous start. But the boy will

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