Danilo, a career as a leader from Porto to Juve: “I know I’m important”

“I am aware that I am not a star or the player who gives the show, explained the Brazilian to Goal Brazil – but I am tactically important for the defensive balance and I really like to participate in the construction of the game”

Before returning to Turin and resuming his climb to Serie A with the Juventus shirt, Danilo must face Paulo Dybala’s Argentina. He who in the era of Tite was the player with the most appearances in Brazil, the first to exceed the thousand minutes played in the qualification process for the next World Cup in Qatar. In Italy too, he quickly made his way into the hearts of his coaches, first with Sarri, then with Pirlo and now with Allegri. So much so that the latter entrusted him with the captain’s armband in the last match with Fiorentina.


After an escalation that saw him protagonist with the shirts of Porto, Real Madrid and Manchester City, the Brazilian side arrived at Juve at the height of his footballing maturity. “I am aware of the role I have played in all these teams. I know I’m not a star or the player who gives show, but I know I am tactically important for the defensive balance and I really like to participate in the construction of the game – he told Goal Brazil -. There is no team that reaches the third pass with a “clean” ball if the defenders do not do a good construction job, if they do not have the courage to keep the ball under pressure and do not expose themselves when losing it can cost a lot. goals “. And again: “I have always focused on work, consistency and awareness of my importance for each team. Once you understand this, and work to maximize your potential and minimize your weaknesses, that’s when you will be at the highest level for a long time. ”


The Brazilian party in Turin last summer grew numerically with the arrival of Kaio Jorge. “He’s a guy I hadn’t seen play much, but there was good talk about him. He is calm, serene, hardworking and eager to learn. This year he is not having a lot of space but he responded well when called into question. He is a player who holds the ball well, has technique and is above average, with interesting playing times “. Then he goes more specifically: “He entered at the end of a match in which the team needed him and he held the ball with character, not losing it, he suffered fouls and brought enthusiasm. I’m curious to see him play a lot more, I hope he can adapt to Juventus as quickly as possible, sure that everyone would be happy with him “.


A passage also on the friendship with Alex Sandro: “He is like a brother to me, he is part of my family. We have created a special relationship. Our families are very close, he is the godfather of my second child. When I am with his parents I feel that they treat me like a child and give me energy, just like my parents treat him. We are different in character. He is more introverted, he doesn’t talk much unlike me who am more communicative and more playful. But we get along very well, we respect each other and we have shared so many experiences together. We have always been roommates on retreat, first at Santos and then at Porto. We separated when he went to Juve, even if we have always maintained relations. When I arrived in Turin, he welcomed me with open arms. I’d be curious to know how many games we played together… ”.


And finally, the thorniest argument at the start of the season, the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo, which probably had a significant impact on Juventus’s false start in the league. “Any team he left has suffered from his absence. Years pass and he is still dominant. The numbers don’t lie, with him every chance is a goal, there is no story or words, he is extremely competitive. I learned a lot playing with him, I had already met him at Real but at Juve even more, and still today we talk to each other and wish each other good luck before matches, every now and then. He will be missed and felt. But Juventus have the ability and the DNA to get back on their feet even without him and to reach victories with a lot of work and sacrifice. And even Cristiano knows it ”.

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Danilo, a career as a leader from Porto to Juve: “I know I’m important”

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