Eternal Tom Brady! Tampa Bay wins last breath over Dallas

Technically he decides the kick of overtaking Succop with 2 “on the clock, but in essence it is the 44-year-old quarterback who gives the success to the reigning champions

Tom Brady looks eternal. Give success to the reigning champions of Tampa Bay in the splendid NFL debut game of the season, won by the Bucs 31-29 over Dallas. Technically he decides the kick of the overtaking of Succop with 2 ”on the clock, from 36 yards. Basically it is the 44-year-old quarterback who orchestrates the 49th career-winning drive, completing key passes for his all-time favorite target, Gronkowski, and for Godwin, who redeems himself after risking his team losing the game with two sensational mistakes, a drop and a fumble near the end zone. On his 24-yard hold that overturns the game in the final seconds there is the yellow of a push not evaluated by the referees as offensive interference. Cowboys can complain. Prescott, returning from the injury suffered last season, enchants. Like Cooper, his first receiver. It is not enough. Because the defense has improved, but still suspicious. And why the others have Brady. An unsolved problem for opponents for 20 years.


The champions appeared vulnerable as a secondary, in defense. Thanks to the injury to the right elbow suffered by Murphy-Bunting, their best cornerback. Dean, his replacement, was disastrous. At the Super Bowl the pass rush of the Bucs had dominated the attack line of the Chiefs, this time he has just signed a sack, with Barrett. Godwin did more damage than hail, mental errors, perhaps of presumption, were widespread: Jones committed a fumble, Fournette a drop that turned into an interception. But Brady’s offense, in his 300th regular season start, remains a scoring machine: the quarterback pitched for 379 yards and 4 tries, with Brown with 121 yards and a dance in the end zone, and Gronk with 90. yds of receptions and 2 touchdowns. Fournette in the final was decisive and in the sprint the new signing Bernard gave a hand as an added receiver. In short, Tampa has to work on concentration, but the potential remains sensational.


Prescott pitched for 403 yards and 3 tries. Coach McCarthy used Elliott as a decoy and martyred the secondary opponent, exploiting the qualities of the Texans’ receivers. Cooper exhibited 139 yards of tricks and 2 touchdowns, Lamb 104 yards and a try. The attacking line made a great impression, then. And the defense looked better than last season’s disastrous version. Two fumbles recovered and 2 interceptions prove it. In short, in Division, NFC East, the Boys should be able to play, for a playoff place.


The first points arrive at the second possession, for Tampa. Brady scores with a 5-yard hand for Godwin. Dallas’ reply is in Prescott’s 22-yard throw for Lamb for the 7-7 try. Tampa stretches on the classic Brady-Gronkowski combination, from 3 yards this time. Touchdown number 101 for Gronk, bogeyman for any defense in the end zone. Then Jones fumble is recovered by Gregory, Prescott punishes by finding Cooper for 14-13: Zuerlein’s post on the additional point. And Diggs intercepts Brady after a Fournette drop. The running backs therefore betray the Bucs. Dallas puts his nose forward: 16-14. But 38 ”is enough for Brady to put things right: Brown launch from 47 yards for 21-16 at half time. So Davis intercepts Prescott after a mistake by Lamb. Brady does not forgive: he finds the usual Gronk for the 11-yard try of the 28-19. 100th tandem goal of the award-winning Brady-Gronk company. Round digit. Prescott replies by going to the Cooper home, who scores the goal of 28-26. Tampa now seems unstoppable, but Godwin first eats a hold a few yards from the end zone, nullifying a drive, then fumbles 3 yards from goal in the next one. It is Kazee who forces the Boys’ steal. What time they play it. From 48 yards Zuerlein, glacial even after two mistakes in the evening, hits the posts for the guest overtaking with 1’24 ”to play. Tampa with only one time out. But with Brady. Find Gronk, then Godwin. And Succop is confirmed as a reliable kicker. The champions tremble, but they win by prediction.

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Eternal Tom Brady! Tampa Bay wins last breath over Dallas

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