Eurocup, Virtus makes an encore with the two towers. Trento still ko

Bologna overtakes Ulm thanks to the great defensive second half and the superiority of its longs Jaiteh and Sampson. The Black Vs remain full points. In the other group, the Dolomites yield to Andorra and are still at the post

The two towers, Sampson and Jaiteh, push Virtus to the European encore that keeps her in the group of unbeaten on the road to the Euroleague. Ulm holds up (well) until mid-race then melts when the black Vs raise an almost impenetrable wall in defense, exploiting the clear superiority of the longs in attack. Scariolo also collects the gusts of Belinelli and the European debut of Mannion, back in the 12 after back pain. The 26 turnovers of the Germans, on balance, weigh more than 3/20 from three of the Bolognese.

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In the last 5 minutes of the second quarter, Virtus gets back on their feet a match that began with little defensive tension and a modest attacking pace. It is Belinelli and Pajola who give the shock behind and draw up the plan for the immediate ascent from -10 (39-29 Ulm). At the interval it is 44-40 for the Germans who control the rebounds (17-11), they shoot better, but they leave 13 losses that Bologna collects to keep in the match despite the sad 2/13 from the arc. In the meantime, Mannion and Teodosic, still running in, also see each other on the field, while the long bianconeri are on the spot: Sampson (10 points and 5 rebounds), Jaiteh 4/5 from the field, while Hervey works as a coach (3 assists). Beyond Bretzel knows how to hurt, Christon dominates (10 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists), while the former Nba Felicio promises but does not keep (8 points, but 4 losses). After the break Virtus unloads all the power of its engine to the ground by raising the blows in defense: the 22-8 of the third segment puts the Germans in the corner. Especially the long ones dig the gap while shooting the moon from the bow. Relentless Jaiteh, Sampson and Hervey push Virtus to +10 (62-52). Pure Belinelli and Weems hit, while Pajola and Cordinier are the defensive cement. On the last descent Mannion signs the +12, Alibegovic the +14. Virtus remains in control until the end. (Vincenzo Di Schiavi)

Virtus Bologna: Jaiteh 20, Sampson 17, Belinelli 15.

Ulm: Christon 14, Felicio 13, Bretzel 11.

In the other group, Trento falls to Andorra and remains at zero points in the standings. After the debut beating against Badalona, ​​another Iberian team punishes the Dolomites. This time, however, the news tells of a different game, with flashes of excellent basketball by the team of coach Molin, alternating with empty passes that were fatal. Two other obvious data also weigh on the final result: the imprecision in free throws (a measly 15/27) and the wide rebound gap (38 to 22 in favor of Andorra). The Iberians, without the former Reggio Emilia Gal Mekel, start immediately strong. On the wings of Miller-McIntyre and Jelinek, Morabanc builds the first extension (20-10) with Trento paying the usual shooting difficulties (25% after 10 ‘). In the second quarter the Eagle wakes up, dragged by a sumptuous Caroline who slips 12 points in the first half of the quarter and shortens the distance down to just one possession away (30-28). The triples of Crawford (ex Cremona, Milan and Brescia) and Noua and the unsportsman booed at Reynold send back Trento, who goes to the interval along an abyss (46-30). The excellent second quarter is nullified by the last two reckless minutes. However, L’Aquila returns from the changing rooms with the right attitude. With the usual Caroline protagonist he slips a 7-0 run at the opening of the fourth and manages to get up to -3 (55-52). The energy spent to recover makes Trento lack clarity, which once again loses ground and is eight points down (62-54) with ten minutes to play. The start of the last quarter is disastrous and Molin’s team slips to -16 (72-56). This time it is the decisive escape for Andorra, because Trento cannot find the strength to reopen the games, thus suffering the second defeat in as many European races. (Andrea Orsolin)

Andorra: Noua 20, Hannah 11, Miller-McIntyre 10

Trento: Caroline 24, Saunders 18, Reynolds 13

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Eurocup, Virtus makes an encore with the two towers. Trento still ko

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