Fiba Cups: Sassari overwhelmed in Spain. Winning debut for Reggio

In the Champions League another bad knockout for Dinamo overwhelmed in Tenerife. In the Europe Cup the Emilian team begins its adventure by liquidating Gilboa

Dinamo’s match in Tenerife in the Champions League lasts only a quarter. The Sardinian team starts well, but vanishes in defense from the second quarter onwards, suffering a long partial that directs the match towards the hosts. First half of the game with two faces, Sassari has a decidedly more positive approach to the game than in the last few outings, the defensive changes seem to work and Dinamo also finds some solutions in the low post that were lacking in the previous races; the second quarter, however, is a domain of the Spanish hosts, Sastre hits from long distance, Gamble ex Virtus, is a sentence on the pick and roll and Cavina’s team sinks into a partial from 23-4 that leads the hosts then to close on 38-21 the first twenty minutes. The Sardinian reaction, expected after the long pause, does not arrive; Sassari sinks, constantly suffering on the central pick and roll and not finding efficient offensive actions, to which are also added several errors on open shots. The result is a partial that sees Cavina’s men go well below 20 behind, with defensive rotations of a level too far from that expressed by Guerra and his companions. The -24 on 59-35 at 30 ‘is already a sentence and the last quarter, despite the Sassari experiment of playing without a center to reduce the passive, only serves to define the final score
Tenerife: Gamble 18, War 17Sassari: Burnell 16, Mekowulu 9

Reggio Emilia’s adventure in the Fiba Europe Cup begins in the best possible way. Coach Caja’s team overtakes the Israelis of Hapoel Gilboa thanks to an excellent choral performance, in which the performances of Olisevicius (21 points) Strautins stand out (15) and Hopkins (11 points and 10 rebounds). Without Thompson, in the pits due to a muscle problem in his left calf, Caja launches Candi in the quintet in the role of guard, alongside Cinciarini, Olisevicius, Johnson and Hopkins. The Israeli technician, Guy Kaplan, responds with Perrantes, Cornelius, Harrell, Hanochi and Killeya Jones. Reggio starts well thanks to captain Candi (8 points and 2 assists) and closes the first quarter ahead (22-18). Hapoel reacts and puts his nose forward with Brisker (27-30) but here Hopkins (9 rebounds in the first half) and Olisevicius (3/4 from 3) and the Unahotels get back in control (42-37 at 20 ‘). Thanks to Candi’s fourth foul, coach Caja moves Strautins into the guard role and it is the Latvian player, together with Diouf’s excellent defense, who breaks the game in two and propitiates the 11-0 break with which Reggio hits the shoulder decisive (75-57 at 30 ‘). In the last quarter Crawford manages with clarity, leading his team to success. Unahotels will be back on the pitch on Saturday at 6pm against Trento, again at the Unipol Arena and then next Wednesday, in Saratov, for the second day of this Group D. Reggio Emilia: Olisevicius 21, Strautins 15, Candi 12
Gilboa: Brisker 16, Hanochi 13, Cornelius 10

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Fiba Cups: Sassari overwhelmed in Spain. Winning debut for Reggio

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