For the third time, Sáblíková has the Guth-Jarkovský Award for Performance of the Year

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Sáblíková received an award named after the founder of the Czech Olympic Committee in 2007 and 2010. She has now won for the first time in the voting of athletes who select winners since 2014. “That’s why I’m very happy for this award. they award us, “said the 34-year-old speed skater in a press release from the Czech Olympic Committee.

Thanks to her performances last year, Sáblíková took precedence over nine other nominated athletes – basketball player Tomáš Satoranský, football player Tomáš Souček, hockey player David Pastrňák, cyclists Tomáš Bábek and Josef Černý, water slalom skiers Kateřina Minařík Kudějová and Jiří Prskavec, skier and snowboarder and snowboarder climbers Zdeněk Hák and Marek Holeček.

Sáblíková was chasing Italian express trains in preparation

“It’s unbelievable. I’m very happy for everything that worked out. And it’s an honor for me to appreciate it,” Sáblíková said.

The award was established in 1933 and was first taken over in 1934 by weightlifter Václav Pšenička. In the post-war period, it was acquired in 1948 by the runner Emil Zátopek, then the tradition of this award was renewed only from 1994.

“When I look at the names that are engraved on the prize, I feel honored to be among them,” said the six-time Olympic medalist, who will strive for further success at the Beijing Games in February.

List of holders of the Jiří Guth-Jarkovsky Prize, the highest award of the Czech Olympic Committee:
1934 – Václav Pšenička (weightlifting)
1935 – Vilém Heinz-Henry (sports journalist and official)
1936 – Canoeists Association
1937 – František Novák (aerial acrobatics)
1938 – Sokol village
1939 – not awarded
1940 – Ice Hockey Association
1941-44 – not granted
1946 – Vilém Heinz-Henry (sports journalist and official)
1947 – hockey team
1948 – Emil Zátopek (athletics)
1949-93 – the prize was not awarded
1994 – Petr Kůrka (sport shooting) and Jiří Král (founder of Czechoslovak physical education medicine)
1995 – Jan Železný (athletics)
1996 – Martin Doktor (speed canoeing)
1997 – Tomáš Dvořák (athletics)
1998 – national hockey team
1999 – Ludmila Formanová (athletics)
2000 – Jan Železný (athletics)
2001 – Roman Šebrle (athletics)
2002 – Aleš Valenta (acrobatic skiing)
2003 – Martin Koukal (cross-country skiing)
2004 – Roman Šebrle (athletics)
2005 – Kateřina Neumannová (cross-country skiing)
2006 – Kateřina Neumannová (cross-country skiing)
2007 – Martina Sáblíková (speed skating)
2008 – Barbora Špotáková (athletics)
2009 – Josef Váňa (racing)
2010 – Martina Sáblíková (speed skating)
2011 – Petra Kvitova (tennis)
2012 – Miroslava Knapková (rowing)
2013 – Zuzana Hejnová (athletics)
2014 – Radek Jaroš (mountaineering)
2015 – Ondřej Synek (rowing)
2016 – Lukáš Krpálek (judo)
2017 – Adam Ondra (sport climbing)
2018 – Ester Ledecká (downhill skiing and snowboarding)
2019 – Lukáš Krpálek (judo)
2020 – Martina Sáblíková (speed skating)

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For the third time, Sáblíková has the Guth-Jarkovský Award for Performance of the Year

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