Gandini raises his voice: “50% of the public in sports halls is not enough”

The president of the Basketball League embittered by the postponement of the “increase capacity” decree: over the weekend they will still play with the maximum 35% of the audience, waiting for the 50% which is still too low a figure for the needs of the clubs

Anger, disbelief and also a lot of despair. To wait for the decree relating to the increase in capacity for sports halls, brought by the CTS to 50% from the current 35%, we will have to wait until next week, when the Council of Ministers will meet. Yet another joke that once again displaces the world of basketball, whose Serie A championship has just begun but which this weekend will be forced to let in at most 35% of the public. Umberto Gandini, president of the League, like the number one of the Fip Gianni Petrucci, is trying in every way (even together with the top of volleyball, another sport penalized but which so far has not yet kicked off the championships that will start on the weekend of October 9) to make it clear that this really cannot go further.

President Gandini, why all this?

“It is a great mystery. Throughout Europe, the percentage of public entry is increasing more and more, close to 80%, and we are still at 35%. Now then there is this other time shift, we really can’t understand ”.

Yet in sports halls it should also be easier to enforce all the rules …

“Of course, we also explained it to Minister Speranza at the beginning of August when we presented him with a project to allow 100% of the public to enter with the Green Pass. We have also created a video where we explain that those who enter the sports halls can feel comfortable. No way”.

Is there a risk that over time people may become disaffected?

“A risk already underway. If 75% of people can enter the stadiums and 50% of the stadiums, it is easy to think that the stadiums are not safe, which is absolutely not true and that it will create a sea of ​​problems “.

The hope is that next week at least this blessed 50% will become official.

“No, it’s always too little. We are not. We ask and will always ask for 100% openness ”.

The maximum is asked to hope for a “robust” figure …

“It is enough to read the latest statistics on plant filling to understand that 50% is nil. While 75% for football might be fine at the moment as the average stadium fill is 67%, in basketball this rises to 73%. So we expect from the Council of Ministers, given that at the political level there is attention and interest from all sides for an opening that is certainly greater than 50%, a decision in line with the current situation ”.

Staying only at 50% would increase the problems of the clubs.

“And not a little. The proceeds are vital to continue the business, after the losses already incurred in recent months. Not to mention the clubs that relied on the liquidity of the season tickets ”.

Yep, the losses are really huge. Refunds for tampons are coming, but taxes still remain …

“Another delicate chapter. The state has postponed the taxes to us, not canceled. It is not exactly the same ”.

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Gandini raises his voice: “50% of the public in sports halls is not enough”

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