How much solidarity with Amber after the Tapiro: and the VIPs “condemn” Striscia

On social media anger and irony for the service of the Canale 5 program which gave the little coveted recognition to the actress after the breakdown of the relationship with the Juve coach Massimiliano Allegri

The delivery of the Golden Tapir by Striscia la Notizia to Ambra Angiolini continues to be discussed, especially on social networks. Those directly involved, the actress and ex-boyfriend, Juve coach Massimiliano Allegri, did not add any details to the breakup of the relationship, it was Ambra’s daughter, Jolanda Renga, who spoke of Max’s betrayal, on his Instagram profile. Moreover, gathering a great female solidarity.

Voices friends

“The spectacularization of a private and painful event must never be done and I don’t think we need to open a public debate, but certainly we have chosen to go to the woman and not the man”, said the Minister for Equal Opportunities and Elena Bonetti family at Radio Capital after the delivery of the Tapiro to Ambra. From politics to the world of journalism: “Dear Valerio Staffelli, the tapir has always been a kind of Oscar for gaffes, television scuffles, news stories and habits to smile about”, thus begins the long post that Selvaggia Lucarelli addresses to correspondent of Striscia la Notizia. “Yesterday the tapir delivered face to face was not a surprise, it tasted more like an ambush. There was a woman who was not only experiencing the end of a story, but was living it as a public figure, with her intimacy beaten in the newspapers and mortifying details “.

VIP solidarity

And certificates of solidarity also came from Laura Chiatti (“I am deeply annoyed and saddened after having witnessed a service like the one that aired last night in Striscia la Notizia that I found sinister and totally disrespectful towards a great artist, a talented actress like Ambra who is first of all a woman of great sensitivity and a mother “); Ilary Blasi (“Why the tapir to Ambra Angiolini and not to Allegri?” And Francesco Totti, on social media, supported this idea) and Tiziano Ferro, who addressed Jolanda with these words: “Your words moved me. After all, I can’t be surprised at your sensitivity knowing your beautiful parents. They helped you flourish with this emotional intelligence. “

split web

In general, internet users are divided. “Amber finally got rid of this character,” writes one girl. Others are even less tender towards the Juve coach. There are also those who take it out on “Striscia”: “I never liked their irony – an internet user sinks -. They make a little funny satire laughing about the victims”. Obviously, there are also those who take sides in defense of “his” coach: “Will it be his business what he does off the pitch?”, Asks a Juventus fan. And another scored the definitive goal: “Ambra’s daughter wonders why they didn’t bring it to him – he writes -. Don’t worry Jolanda, they bring it to him when we leave the Champions League”.

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How much solidarity with Amber after the Tapiro: and the VIPs “condemn” Striscia

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