Italian strikers, the strongest according to FIFA: dream of Lucca, outsiders and the Church

The solutions indicated by video games to put an end to the eternal emergency in attack, which is costing us the qualification for the World Cup in Qatar.

Italy yesterday drew with Northern Ireland, the same result found four times in the last five qualifying matches for the World Cup in Qatar after winning the last European Championships. Of these four draws, two were for 0 to 0, the other two for 1 to 1, a sign that in attack – after the criticisms rained, more or less legitimately (beyond the sometimes unjustifiable tones), on the great absent Immobile – something is really wrong. In view of the appointment with the playoffs in March, at this point, what could be the alternatives up front for the coach Roberto Mancini? We “asked” FIFA 22, the latest version of the EA Sports football title, with these results.

The present for FIFA 22 –

When it comes to Italian attack, Ciro Immobile remains dominant in the panorama of the national team. The Lazio striker is evaluated with a round 87, which (with a 91 finalization) leaves no room for doubt: if there is, whether he sees the goal or not, the owner deserves to be him. The natural alternative to the Neapolitan tip remains Belotti: in a role where crystalline talents do not seem to emerge, the Rooster pays a precarious state of form but the overall rating of 81, with a finalization of 88, always leaves him at the top of the alternatives to Immobile.

The outsiders –

From now to March something could move in Serie A and here is that the list of outsiders always comes in handy (although FIFA 22 is not too generous with our league). The list starts from Pinamonti, with the 22-year-old from the eternal unfinished Empoli who is awarded a meager 69 for a finalization of 73. Then there are also Bonazzoli (also for him just a 69) who could do well in Salernitana and Cutrone, the best of the lot with a 73 overall and a 76 finish. Destro (74), Caputo (78), Quagliarella (78) and Lasagna (74) but, in these cases, everything will depend on how they arrive in March.

The future, according to FIFA 22 –

Raspadori and Scamacca are significantly behind and the feeling is that they will still be a good bit, at least in video games that are not too attentive to “small”, until they play the place at Sassuolo: only a 74 for them, with a higher potential for the first (it could go up to 88, if deployed with the right regularity). Even Kean, who ended up on the sidelines at Juventus, is recognized as having great potential: he has an overall rating of 79, which at 21 is not cheap at all, although finalization (81) is not his best weapon. In the end, the dream Lorenzo Lucca: also for him 21 years but the most tortuous mess (now he is in Serie B at Pisa) gives him a poor 69 and the idea that the triple jump would be a risky bet in such a delicate phase of the left-handed path. The 82 potential is not unpleasant but perhaps someone more ready for March would be needed.

False 9 shelved? –

The solution of the false 9, which Mancini used in the first part of his experience in the national team and then only in cases of emergency, seems to be set aside after Insigne’s shadowy performance. Who remains among the top players of the team, it does not rain on this, with a round 86. Bernardeschi and Berardi, with their 79 and 82, are very far apart but the Juventus player is finding more defensive applications and the Sassuolo winger, in ball with Northern Ireland, unleashes too much creativity on the wing to deliver it to the central opponents. Chiesa would remain the last viable path, with his bucking on the counterattack (something Immobile knows well, after all): acceleration and speed are 91, finalization 80 which for an all-player like him is not bad at all, and an overall of 84 with potential of 90.

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Italian strikers, the strongest according to FIFA: dream of Lucca, outsiders and the Church

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