Jokic is not enough for the Nuggets: the Mavs win, but Doncic lose. Atlanta and Gallo ok

The 35 points of the Serbian are not enough in Denver to bend Dallas: sprained ankle (to be evaluated) for the Slovenian. For Danilo 10 points and 8 rebounds in the victory over the Magic. Another Washington success

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Jokic’s 35 points are not enough for the Nuggets who are knocked out in Dallas, Atlanta gets rid of Orlando without too many problems while Washington continues to win and even surpasses New Orleans after being down by even 19 points.

Atlanta-Orlando 129-11

After the great success against the reigning champions, Atlanta (6-9) closes the “back to back” in the best way, producing an excellent offensive performance against Orlando (3-11). The Georgia team puts the turbo at the beginning of the second half and leaves only the crumbs to the opponents. Very good performance by Young and Collins (23 points each) while Capela dominates the painted area closing in the end with 20 points and 16 rebounds. Danilo Gallinari also did well, scoring 10 points and eight rebounds in 28 ‘of play.

Atlanta: GALLINARI 10 (2/6, 2/4) with 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 recovery and 1 block in 28 ‘. Young 23 (6/14, 3/7, 2/4 tl), Collins 23 (6/10, 0/2, 11/14 tl), Bodganovic, Capela 20. Rebounds: Capela 16. Assist: Young 6.

Orlando: Anthony 29 (7/11, 4/8, 3/4 tl), F. Wagner, Ross 19. Rimbalzi: Carter Jr. 9. Assist: Anthony 11.

Dallas-Denver 111-101

The best Jokic of the season is not enough to lead the Nuggets (9-5) to success in Dallas. The Serbian signed 35 points and 16 rebounds but Denver wasted a 13-point lead in the second half and suffered the return of the Mavericks (9-4) at the start of the final leg. Dallas, driven by a finally decisive Porzingis (29 points and 11 rebounds), relies on the low quintet and places the decisive set (17-6) at the opening of the fourth fraction, taking over the reins of the match and then taking home the success. 23 points and 11 assists, on the other hand, for Doncic, who was forced to leave the field 44 ”from the end due to a sprained left ankle whose extent will be assessed during the day. “He left the field with his legs – said coach Kidd – But the exams will tell us the seriousness of the injury”. Doncic is no stranger to ankle problems.

Dallas: Porzingis 29 (6/12, 5/8, 2/2 tl), Doncic 23, Hardaway Jr. 19. Rimbalzi: Porzingis 11. Assist: Doncic 11.

Denver: Jokic 35 (12/20, 2/6, 3/6 tl), Morris 17, Gordon 14. Rimbalzi: Jokic 16. Assist: Morris 8.

New York-Indiana 92-84

Back from three defeats in the last four games, the Knicks (8-6) produce a respectable defensive performance and knock out the Pacers (6-9). New York struggles a lot on an offensive level but defends great especially in the fourth period when he only concedes two field baskets and 10 points to the visiting team. The impact of Rose (14 points and seven assists) from the bench was decisive.

New York: Quickly 16 (1/5, 4/4, 2/2 tl), Walker 16 (8/10, 0/1), Rose 14. Rimbalzi: Randle 11. Assist: Rose 7.

Indiana: Brogdon 22 (7/13, 2/7, 2/5 tl), Sabonis 21, LeVert 17. Rimbalzi: Sabonis 15. Assist: Brogdon 7.

Cleveland-Boston 92-98

The revelation team of this start of the season stumbles against the Celtics (7-7). Boston plays better the final possessions and manages to overcome the Cavaliers (9-6) despite the excellent performance of Rubio (28 points). On the offensive level, however, Cleveland’s rookie of wonders, Mobley, is struggling a lot, ending with 0/11 from the field.

Cleveland: Rubio 28 (5/12, 4/8, 6/7 tl), Osman 26, Garland 17. Rimbalzi: Mobley 9. Assist: Mobley, Osman 5.

Boston: Tatum 23 (5/12, 2/8, 7/7 tl), Horford 17, Smart, Schroder 14. Rimbalzi: Horford 9. Assist: Smart, Tatum 5.

detroit-sacramento 107-129

The Kings (6-8) return to success after four consecutive defeats that had made the bench of coach Luke Walton hot, dominating the Pistons (3-10). The Californian team takes control of the game with a 26-2 run in the second quarter and never looks back. The first overall pick in the last draft, Cade Cunningham, produces his best performance in the NBA and closes with 25 points and eight assists.

Detroit: Bey 28 (5/8, 4/9, 6/7 tl), Cunningham 25, Jackson, Stewart 8. Rebounds: Stewart 15. Assist: Cunningham 8.

Sacramento: Hield 22 (2/4, 6/10), Fox, Holmes 19. Rebounds: Metu 10. Assist: Haliburton 10.

Washington-New Orleans 105-100

Not even a 19-point passive and the absence of Bradley Beal slowed the team with the best Eastern Conference record. The Wizards (10-3) rely on Dinwiddie’s plays (27 points and nine assists) and place the comeback, overcoming the increasingly disappointing Pelicans (2-13) who thus collect the tenth defeat in the last 11 games.

Washington: Dinwiddie 27 (4/12, 4/8, 7/8 tl), Caldwell-Pope 18, Harrell 15. Rimbalzi: Avdija 10. Assist: Dinwiddie 9.

New Orleans: Ingram 31 (7/19, 2/4, 11/12 tl), Valanciunas 16, Graham 14. Rimbalzi: Hart 12. Assist: Hart 5.

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Jokic is not enough for the Nuggets: the Mavs win, but Doncic lose. Atlanta and Gallo ok

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