Knicks overturn, from -21 to triumph: Rose knocks Milwaukee down

The former mvp, in collaboration with Randle, leads New York to 113-98 at the home of the reigning champions

Nothing is ever truly lost in the NBA. Not even if you play at the home of the reigning champions, not even if you are under 21 and apparently on the ropes. Nothing is lost if you have character, talent and conviction. New York has it all. With an incredible comeback signed by Derrick Rose (23 points) and Julius Randle (32) the Knicks beat Milwaukee 113-98 by canceling the Bucks in the second half after having risked drowning in the first quarter. It is a precious victory for Thibodeau’s team, because it allows us to restart. It is a heavy defeat for the champions, because throwing away such an advantage is not like them. And the alibi of the many absences this time does not hold.

Rose’s vintage charm

Randle and Rose are the keys to the success of the Knicks (6 won-3 lost so far). The youngest mvp the NBA has ever had rekindled the team in the second period when they were under 21: he took her by the hand, hitting firsthand or creating for others, gave them the confidence that the bad start had done lose. “He is much more complete now than when he won the mvp” says Randle who, according to coach Thibodeau, played “with an incredible energy that he transmitted to his teammates”. After the disaster of the first quarter, New York was superior to Milwaukee in everything: star power, bench, defense that in the second quarter kept the Bucks 33% from the field. “They are a fantastic team, but also a good yardstick because they make you understand the level you need to reach and how much you miss to succeed – explained coach Thibodeau -. The East has improved this year: we must be consistent, play to the fullest and in an intelligent way. Otherwise we go down ”. In addition to Rose and Randle, a fundamental contribution from Nerlens Noel, a defensive bulwark with 6 points and 13 rebounds.

No panic

Milwaukee (4-5) literally imploded, infuriating her coach. “We lost our defensive identity after the first quarter and we didn’t play well – says coach Mike Budenholzer -. Merit in New York, he beat us clearly in every phase of the game ”. The least worst was Giannis Antetokounmpo, 25 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists in 30 minutes, but he didn’t even come close to making a difference when the team stopped running. Grayson Allen finished with 22 points with 6 triples on target: 14 points, however, arrived in the first quarter, then he practically disappeared. The only good news for coach Bud is the return of Jrue Holiday after 6 games of absence: he started from the bench, finished with 10 points and 3 assists in 20 ‘good to find the lost pace. Since it is Khris Middleton, in isolation for Covid for at least another week and then destined for a soft return, that Brook Lopez will have to wait a little longer before returning, Healthy Holiday next to Giannis serves a lot to overcome the storm. And avoid implosions like the one with New York.

The match

Milwaukee starts fired thanks to Allen’s precision and seems in complete control of the match when Giannis opens the 2nd quarter with the free throws of 41-19. Rose then thinks about reviving New York, with a combination of leadership and baskets that start the sensational comeback with a partial 14-2. New York chases 63-56 when the second half begins, but 2’14 ”from the siren is equal with Quickley and never looks back. Milwaukee tries to react, but Giannis fails spells and the rest of the attack crashes on the awaited defense of the Knicks, who ramp up with Rose and Randle (10 points each in the final period) and complete the feat.

Milwaukee:G. Antetokounmpo 25 (5/10 of two, 2/7 of three, 9/11 free throws), Allen 22, Nwora 13. Rebounds: Portis 8. Assists: G. Antetokounmpo 4, Hill 4.

New York: Randle 32 (8/13, 3/9, 7/10 tl), Rose 23, Barrett 20. Rimbalzi: Noel 13. Assist: Rose 4, Randle 4.

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Knicks overturn, from -21 to triumph: Rose knocks Milwaukee down

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