Lakers fool: paved by Wolves. Nets in flight, Rooster and Hawks at peak

Los Angeles collapses at home with a nightmare third quarter. Boston beats Milwaukee to extra time with Schroder’s 38 points. Hits for Denver, Brooklyn and Dallas


Los Angeles Lakers collapse at Staples Center and lost in a clear (and surprising) way to Karl-Anthony Towns’ Minnesota Timberwolves. The triple doubles of Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic sign the successes of Dallas and Denver, while Harden (39 points) and Durant (28) lead Brooklyn in the win against New Orleans. Great game between Boston and Milwaukee, won by the Celtics in extra time with 38 points by a superlative Dennis Schroder. Finally, the 7th success in a row for the Phoenix Suns and the victories of Charlotte, Oklahoma City, Portland and Cleveland.

Los Angeles Lakers- Minnesota Timberwolves 83-107

A nightmare third quarter (lost 40-12) annihilates the Los Angeles Lakers (7-6), who sink to -33 and are then brutally beaten by the Minnesota Timberwolves (4-7), returning from six losses in a row. The Wolves won it like this, crushing the opponent after the interval without allowing them to react with a devastating series of baskets, many of them signed by Karl-Anthony Towns, author of 18 of his 29 final points in the 3rd period . The Staples crowd was very disappointed, incredulous in the face of an unexpected collapse, especially in light of the recent victory against Miami and a balanced first half. The Lakers vanished into thin air in the second half of the match. Anthony Davis finished with 22 points and 8 rebounds, Russell Westbrook added 20 (-32 his plus / minus) and Carmelo Anthony “finished” with 3 points and a terrible 1/12 shooting. The best in LA was Rajon Rondo, the only one to save himself with 7 points, 8 assists, 8 rebounds and 2 steals in 24 ‘. Defeat worrying for the yellow-violet.

The Angels:Davis 22 (7/13, 0/1 of three, 8/10 tl), Westbrook 20, Howard 9. Rebounds: Howard 10. Assists: Rondo 8.

Minnesota:Towns 29 (11/17, 4/8 da tre, 3/3 tl), Russell 22, Reid 12. Rimbalzi: Towns 7. Assist: Russell 7.

San Antonio Spurs- Dallas Mavericks 109-123

The magician Luka Doncic signs an amazing triple double of 32 points, 15 assists and 12 rebounds and the Dallas Mavericks (8-4) win with style and authority the Texan derby on the field of the San Antonio Spurs (4-8). The performance of the Slovenian champion was of a disarming beauty, especially in the vision and creation of the game (just 2 turnovers), enriched by some unreal triples and by a series of readings and insights that no longer surprise, it is true, but always leave breathless. To support Doncic a remarkable Kristaps Porzingis (32 points, 7 rebounds and 3 blocks) and a Jalen Brunson (17 points and +20 plus / minus) always essential from the bench. The Spurs drifted in the 3rd period (lost 34-20) and finished down by 27, before sketching a timid (but ineffective) return in the last quarter. The Mavs are decidedly superior, good at staying lucid and focused, very determined not to repeat the misstep of the previous match against Chicago.

San antonio: Vassell 20 (6/11, 3/6 da tre, 5/6 tl), Murray 15, Johnson 15. Rimbalzi: Johnson 9. Assist: Young 5.

Dallas: Doncic 32 (11/23, 6/13 from three, 4/8 tl), Porzingis 32, Brunson 17. Rebounds: Doncic 12. Assist: Doncic 15.

Boston Celtics-Milwaukee Bucks 122-113 dts

Challenging match, with 22 reversals in front, between ambitious teams, but started badly in this start of the season. The Celtics win (6-6) in extra time, dragged by Schroeder’s 38 points, 8 in overtime, to the best performance with the Boston shirt. The Bucks (6-7) pay for the absences of Giannis Antetokounmpo, Middleton, Lopez and DiVincenzo, four starters, with the Greek who forfeits in extremis due to a sprained right ankle. The reigning champions force an extension of the game at Garden with a couple of triples by Grayson Allen at the end of regulation, including that of 108 even with 13 ”on the clock, but dominated by rebound (53 against 39) they end up surrendering. For Boston, who was without the injured Brown, it was the sixth overtime played in 12 games, Tatum had missed the shot to close it within 48 ‘.

Boston: Schroeder 38 (13/18, 3/9 from three, 3/3 tl), Tatum 27, Smart 19. Rebounds: Tatum 11. Assist: Smart 6.

Milwaukee:Portis 22 (9/11, 1/4 of three, 1/2 tl), Allen 21, Holiday 17. Rebounds: Ojeleye 7. Assist: Holiday 13.

New Orleans Pelicans-Brooklyn Nets 112-120

The Nets (9-4) win for the eighth time in their last nine outings, the Pelicans (1-12) lose for the ninth time in a row. So easy for Brooklyn? Not really. Nash’s boys, even up by 21 points, at 90-69, let themselves come back and then overcome when Valanciunas brings the guests ahead 104-101. But Harden and Durant put things right. The Barba scores 39 points, to which he adds 12 assists, embellishing his performance with a decisive triple in the final. The Pels were still without Ingram, as well as the long-term Williamson.

New Orleans:Valanciunas 20 (6/13, 0/1 da tre, 8/8 tl), Temple 17, Alexander-Walker 16. Rimbalzi: Valanciunas 12. Assist: Graham / Satoransky 6.

Brooklyn:Harden 39 (5/8, 6/10 from three, 11/15 tl), Durant 28, Harris 24. Rebounds: Durant 7. Assist: Harden 12.

Denver Nuggets- Atlanta Hawks 105-96

Nikola Jokic returns after the suspension race for pushing Markieff Morris and drags his Denver Nuggets (8-4) to success by signing a triple double of 22 points, 19 rebounds and 10 assists. Angry and dominant, the reigning MVP played excellently despite an annoying three-point 1/8 “dirtying” his performance. The 23 of Aaron Gordon and the 16 (5/6 shooting) of the old Jeff Green are also fundamental for Denver. Not enough for the Hawks (4-9) the 30 points and 9 assists signed by Trae Young and 26 by John Collins. Just 2 points in 17 ‘, however, for Danilo Gallinari. Denver won it in the final of the 3rd period, building their double-digit lead with a 13-2 run.

Denver: Gordon 23 (7/11, 3/5 of three, 6/6 tl), Jokic 22, Green 16. Rebounds: Jokic 19. Assist: Jokic 10.

Atlanta: Young 30 (9/16, 3/5 from three, 9/10 tl), Collins 26, Capela 14. GALLINARI 2 (1/7, 0/2 from three). Rebounds: Capela 13. Assist: Young 9.

Oklahoma City Thunder- Sacramento Kings 105-103

The Oklahoma City Thunder (5-6) recovered an 18-point disadvantage gained in the 2nd half and conquered their 4th consecutive victory by beating the Sacramento Kings at home (5-8). To decide the game a monstrous play by Lu Dort (22 points) in the very last possession of the match. The Thunder player managed to snatch the ball from the hands of De’Aaron Fox, who wanted to take the last shot, that of the possible victory for the Kings, and run across the field to score the decisive layup at 1.7 ‘ ‘from the siren. The Paycom Center in Oklahoma City in total frenzy.

OKC: Dort 22 (9/18, 2/8 da tre, 2/3 tl), Gilgeous-Alexander 22, Bazley 15. Rimbalzi: Robinson-Earl 14. Assist: Giddey 5.

Sacramento:Barnes 21 (8/14, 1/2 of three, 4/6 tl), Holmes 16, Fox 16. Rebounds: Holmes 15. Assists: Haliburton 7.

Houston Rockets- Portland Trail Blazers 92-104

Always in control the Portland Trail Blazers (6-7) in the away win on the field of the Houston Rockets (1-11), never really questioned despite the persistence of the hosts, blocked at -9 at 1:30 ” from the siren . Not a beautiful game, it should be emphasized, but important for the journey of Coach Chauncey Billups’ boys, led by 20 points from Damian Lillard (6/16) and 17 from “twin” CJ McCollum (7/21), both cold in the percentages . Excellent impact of the bench with a great Nassir Little, author of a double double of 13 points and 14 rebounds and a +15 plus / minus.

Houston:Porter Jr. 18 (7/14, 1/4 from three, 3/7 tl), Tate 14, Sengun 12. Bounces: Wood 15. Assist: Porter Jr. 5.

Portland: Lillard 20 (6/16, 4/9 da tre, 4/5 tl), McCollum 17, Little 13. Rimbalzi: Little 14. Assist: Lillard 7.

Memphis Grizzlies-Phoenix Suns 94-119

The Suns (8-3) seem to be back that of last season’s exciting. They win for the seventh consecutive time by dominating Memphis at home, always ahead in the score from start to finish. The key for Coach Williams is the defense, which keeps the Grizzlies (6-6) at 38% overall, even 7/33 from 3 points. Both teams faced a heavy absence: Ayton for the Suns, Brooks for the Grizzlies. But Phoenix is ​​unanimous, with 7 players in double-digit points, Memphis one-dimensional, with only Morant as an offensive threat. It is not enough.

Memphis: Morant 26 (10/17, 0/2 from three, 6/9 tl), Jackson 19, Bane 9. Rebounds: Morant 12. Assist: Morant 6.

Phoenix:Booker/Crowder 17, Paul 15. Rimbalzi: Johnson 7. Assist: Paul 12.

Charlotte Hornets-New York Knicks 104-96

Great game of Miles Bridges, revelation of this start of the season, which drags the Hornets (7-7) to the comeback success, after the 1st quarter closed on -16. The Michigan State winger scores 24 points, Ball adds 17 rebounds, his career high, the defense forces the Knicks (7-6) to a horrendous 39% shooting, with Randle shoveling badly (4/15). Coach Thibodeau is not enough for the ex on duty, Kemba Walker, to score 26 points. When your attack produces just 17 assists compared to 19 turnovers, you can’t go far.

Charlotte:Bridges 24 (5/7, 3/10 of three, 5/8 tl), Hayward 22, Rozier 18. Rebounds: Ball 17. Assists: Ball 9.

New York:Walker 26 (5/10, 4/9 da tre, 4/5 tl), Burks 15, Robinson 11. Rimbalzi: Burks 9. Assist: Randle 5.

Cleveland Cavaliers-Detroit Pistons 98-78

Evan Mobley wins the indirect clash with Cade Cunningham in the challenge between the first choices of the last Draft. The long of the Cavs, the number 3, scores 16 points, adds 7 rebounds and 3 blocks, while the Pistons guard, first overall selection, does not go beyond 9 points, among other things by committing 7 turnovers. The Cavaliers, at the best start to the season of the last 5 years, go up 8-5 records, the Pistons, who lost Olynyk for at least 6 weeks to a left knee injury, sink 2-9. In its rotating place was Garza, player of the year in college.

Cleveland:Garland 21 (4/5, 4/9 of three, 1/1 tl), Osman 17, Mobley 16. Rebounds: Okoro 9. Assists: Rubio 9.

Detroit: Grant 16 (3/8, 2/4 of threes, 4/4 tl), F. Jackson 12, J. Jackson 11. Rebounds: Stewart / Bey 7. Assists: Hayes 5.

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Lakers fool: paved by Wolves. Nets in flight, Rooster and Hawks at peak

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