Lazio, Milinkovic: “I want to do better and give everything I have”

The words of the biancoceleste midfielder on the eve of the crucial match between his Serbia and Portugal

No challenge, no matter how massive, intimidates the Sergeant“. So FIFA presents on its official website Sergej Milinkovic-Savic. The Lazio midfielder, in fact, granted a long interview to the microphones of the highest football organization on the occasion of the decisive match between his Serbia and Portugal. These are his words. “True, I was born into a sports family. Our mom played basketball, our dad played soccer. We were destined to play sports, although there was never any pressure and we have the freedom to decide for ourselves. This meant a lot to us: we already felt inclined to continue the familiar translation, so it was easier to choose our destiny. Growing up, there have been many important players: I’ve seen them all, but if I have to choose I would say Ibrahimovic. While I studied Zidane carefully, because I started in that position”.

How would I describe myself as a player? It’s one of the worst questions because I don’t like talking about myself. Of course, many are happy to do it. For me the important thing is to give everything I have in every race and every training and try to improve where I can. I’m not entirely sure that the house needs to improve, but there are people who can tell me and help me do it. I am committed to playing better and better and doing everything to improve compared to the past”.

The 2018 World Cup was important for me, also because I hadn’t had much space in the national team before. Then this opportunity arose to play in such an important competition, my first World Cup. I will always remember him: I was young and I had experienced players beside me, this helped me to improve and develop my career. At the time of my first World Cup I was very young, now I have grown up and I think this team is stronger than last time. I am confident that we will still qualify as in 2018 therefore, considering that we have a better team”.

Stojkovic? He played a long time ago, I saw some pictures but I don’t remember him as a player because I was very young. As a coach I like him, he gives us confidence. He helps us a lot with constructive criticism, it’s important because he was a great player and he knows how things work. It’s easy for him to build the team, he has a lot of good ideas and we try to put them into action. Vlahovic? He’s not good, he’s a phenomenon. I’m sure the statistics would confirm this, considering his age. I think he’s the kind of player who gets annoyed when he doesn’t play well. He will get even better and be talked about, which is something I like about him. Both in training and in competition, when something goes wrong, he never gets it right. He is hungry for goals and victories. I admire how he always wants to test himself, I think he is destined to become one of the greatest.

Like anyone, I think Portugal are one of the best national teams in the world. I don’t think I need to talk about them: everything is pretty clear and obvious about it. I also know what we can achieve in Portugal: as I said, I think our current national team is stronger than that of the last World Cup. So let’s go there to win, we know what is required and we can’t wait to get on the pitch. Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world. I had the opportunity to play against him for two seasons when he was in Serie A, I think that will make things easier for us. I know how to play against him and I think he will help a lot”.

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Lazio, Milinkovic: “I want to do better and give everything I have”

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