Lazio-Salernitana: the strange challenge of Lotito, the former double patron

Owner of the two clubs until June. Stop to the trustee within the year: he must surrender

We had loved each other so much. During the week he made it known that he has nothing to do with Salernitana and that the Olimpico match will be a match that he will live exclusively as president of Lazio. But Claudio Lotito will still be the special observer of today’s match between his team and the Salernitana one he has led for the last ten years. And from which he had to leave six months ago, after the promotion of Campania to Serie A, due to the rule that prohibits the timeshare of clubs in the same category.

Sale coming soon

It will therefore not be a match like any other for the patron of Lazio. The detachment from Salerno was not in fact consummated painlessly. On the one hand, there were the pressures of the Football Association to sell, on the other hand those of the same circles close to the Campania club that pushed him to do the same for the fear that the team would be excluded from the championship in the event of failure to sell (which is what provides for the regulation, however). And in the middle there was him. He tried to resist, then he had to give up. Although formally the Salernitana is still his and his brother-in-law Marco Mezzaroma. As is known, the club has been entrusted to a trustee who must complete the sale by 31 December. Lotito no longer has direct control, he does not (cannot) affect corporate decisions, he has kept a sort of empty box waiting for the company to be sold. An event which, by the way, seems imminent. November 15 expires the deadline for submitting purchase offers to the trustee. There are already four of some interest (including those from a foreign fund and an Italian consortium). After that deadline, the operations relating to the sale should enter the decisive phase. To then close by the end of December, the deadline set by the Federation to avoid the exclusion of Salernitana from the championship.

The big cold

For what could have been (but will not be) the derby of Lotito’s heart at the Olimpico 23-24 spectators are expected, about 6,000 of which will come from Salerno. They will be in Rome only to support their team, certainly not to pay homage to the now former patron. Indeed, to listen to the tam tam present on social media, a part of the grenade fans could also contest it. Which, however, had already occurred often in recent years in Salerno. Sign of an intolerance towards a president who, already having a more important property, it was feared he would never want to make the leap in quality to his “second” team. The promotion to Serie A of Salernitana, however, arrived at the same time, to dispel those worries. Except that now in Salerno there is a great hurry to definitively close the Lotito era for fear of exclusion from the championship. This explains the great (mutual) cold between Lotito and (no longer his) Salerno. Already. We had loved each other so much.

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Lazio-Salernitana: the strange challenge of Lotito, the former double patron

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