Lebanese from the diaspora, “let’s try to reverse the course of history by voting”

Tribune. The independence of Lebanon, of which we should celebrate, on November 22, 2021, the 78 years, is only a facade independence. The stake is now the pure and simple survival of Lebanon as a nation and as a State.

The legislative elections of March 2022 will express the will of the people, or that of a discredited political class monopolizing power. Let us try to reverse the course of history by voting. Let us not be discouraged by a possible revision of the electoral law which would weaken the vote of the diaspora. Let us be a support for the opposition forces who are trying to emerge, despite very strong adversity.

Hurry up. Lebanese in the diaspora must be registered on the electoral rolls before November 20. On the evening of this date, the total number of registrants will reflect the capacity of the diasporic mobilization. However, to date, only nearly 140,000 of us have registered out of a million potential voters worldwide.

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In fact, the mobilization is not up to the challenge. Doubt, weariness, indifference, estrangement… are they hindering the will to vote? The probability is high. But the price was too high for us to give up.

Volunteerism and intelligence

Let us register out of frustration at having so far only experienced the course of events.

Let us join in solidarity with our relatives living in Lebanon: children without schools, graduates without qualified jobs, sick without care, workers without wages, youth without a future …

Let us sign up so that voluntarism and intelligence prevail over mediocrity and corruption. Let us register by duty of memory for all those who have paid dearly for the construction of the country.

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Let us register so that we do not have to answer one day, death in the soul, to the question of our children: “But what did you do to try to change the situation?” “

And, above all, let us subscribe by conviction that this country is indeed ours, including and especially in misfortune, that we are unfailingly attached to it and that it needs us.

It is by mobilizing ourselves in a massive and democratic way that we will be able to find an independent Lebanon, by taking our destiny back in hand without delegating it to others.

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Let us register before November 20 on the lists and vote massively in March 2022. Let us actively participate in this democratic gesture. Let us deliberately turn our backs on any resignation or defeatism. This vote is only a step. But it is a fundamental step which will show to the mediocracy in place and to the whole world our unfailing mobilization in the reconquest of our independence.

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Lebanese from the diaspora, “let’s try to reverse the course of history by voting”

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