Melo saves the Lakers, the Knicks beat Phila. Jokic, what are you doing?

Anthony leads the Lakers to victory over Charlotte in extra time. Without Embiid (Covid) the Sixers’ streak ends at six. The Serbian of the Nuggets sent off for a reaction foul on Morris in Denver’s victory over Miami

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Philadelphia goes out against the Knicks, Denver overtakes Miami with Jokic who gets sent off for a reaction on Morris, while the Lakers with Melo’s triples beat the Hornets in extra time.

philadelphia-new york 96-103

The already remodeled 76ers also lose Joel Embiid, positive at Covid, and thus have to surrender to the Knicks. The streak of six consecutive hits for Philadelphia comes to an end. Decisive Randle, who closes with 31 points and 12 rebounds and loads the attack of New York on his shoulders in the final minutes.

Philadelphia: Korkmaz 19 (2/4, 5/12), Maxey 16, Niang 15. Rimbalzi: Drummond 25. Assist: Curry 6.

New York: Randle 31 (7/15, 5/10, 2/2 tl), Barrett 15, Fournier 11. Rimbalzi: Randle 12. Assist: Walker 5.

Memphis-Minnesota 125-118 dts

The Grizzlies take home success at the end of a game of a thousand emotions. The home team, 16 to 7’30 ” from the siren, places the comeback and leads by three in the final seconds. But Towns’ impossible triple from sidereal distance drags the match to extra time just at the end. In the overtime, however, Memphis regains control of operations and thus finds victory.

Memphis: Morant 33 (7/18, 3/6, 10/12 tl), Clarke 20, Melton 19. Rebounds: Clarke, Anderson 9. Assists: Morant 8.

Minnesota: Russell 30 (4/9, 6/13, 4/4 tl), Edwards 27, Towns 25. Rimbalzi: Towns 13. Assist: Russell 7.

Dallas-New Orleans 108-92

Not even a good start to the race allows the Pelicans to put an end to the long negative streak. New Orleans, without Ingram in addition to the long-term resident Zion, arrives at +11 but as soon as Doncic warms up the race changes and the Mavericks return to the front and then go on to win without major problems.

Dallas: Doncic 25 (8/16, 2/5, 3/5 tl), Brunson, Hardaway Jr. 17. Rimbalzi: Powell, Porzingis 8. Assist: Brunson 6.

New Orleans: Hart 22 (7/11, 1/2, 5/6 tl), Valanciunas 22 (8/13, 2/3), Alexander-Walker 18. Rimbalzi: Valanciunas 11. Assist: Graham 10.

denver-miami 113-96

An edgy match ends with the success of the Nuggets who now risk losing Jokic (triple double for him against the Heat). The Serbian center will almost certainly be disqualified after the reaction on Morris. At 2’39 ” from the siren, with the result now compromised, Morris nudges Jokic, who responds with a bad blow to the back of the Miami player. A turmoil emerges, the two players return prematurely to the locker room with spirits igniting. It is hard to think that there will be no consequences for both.

Denver: Jokic 25 (10/14, 5/8 tl), Barton 25 (2/5, 7/9), Morris 14. Rimbalzi: Jokic 15. Assist: Jokic 10.

Miami: Butler 31 (8/15, 2/3, 9/11 tl), Robinson 13, Herro 11. Rebounds: Adebayo 10. Assists: Herro 5.

Sacramento-Phoenix 104-109

The Suns risk more than they should but eventually get the better of the Kings in Sacramento. Phoenix, led by an excellent Payne (24 points from the bench), reaches +21 at the beginning of the last quarter but lowers the level of concentration and suffers the furious return of the hosts. Sacramento also reaches -3 but the Suns manage to defend the advantage.

Sacramento: Barnes 26 (6/7, 1/2, 11/11 tl), Fox 24, Hield 14. Rimbalzi: Holmes 8. Assist: Fox 5.

Phoenix: Payne 24 (5/8, 4/6, 2/2 tl), Booker 18, Paul, Bridges 16. Rimbalzi: Booker 9. Assist: Booker 6.

L.A. Lakers-Charlotte 126-123 dts

Carmelo Anthony thinks about it at the Staples Center this season seems infallible from long distance to lead the Lakers to victory over the Hornets. Melo closes with 29 points, shooting with 7/10 of three. Charlotte, after the encouraging start to the season, thus collects the fifth consecutive defeat. The Lakers recovered an 11-point lead four minutes from the end of regular time, but in extra time Davis and the usual Melo knock out Charlotte.

LA Lakers: Davis 32 (13/22, 0/3, 6/8 tl), Anthony 29 (2/3, 7/10, 4/5 tl), Westbrook 17. Rebounds: Davis, Westbrook 12. Assist: Westbrook 14.

Charlotte: Rozier 29 (8/12, 3/10, 4/4 tl), Ball 25, Hayward 21. Rimbalzi: Ball 15. Assist: Ball 12.

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Melo saves the Lakers, the Knicks beat Phila. Jokic, what are you doing?

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