Milan is a roller, Sassari is crushed. Brescia sets the record by 3

Olimpia wins their sixth victory, remaining undefeated. In the midday race Cremona passes to Reggio. Fortitudo falls. Well Trento and Treviso

All easy for the leaders Milan who beat Sassari and continues his solitary walk to the summit. Rodriguez inspires, Mitoglou dominates in the colored area, the impact of Grant and Daniels is positive. Dinamo remains in the game only until halfway through the match thanks to the flames of Logan and Bendzius.

Rodriguez show at the start, Chacho places two raids and an assist for Melli for the 6-0 Milanese. Sassari is released with two triples by Bendzius that do not stop the run of the AX, even a Grant finally in confidence warms his hand, 18-6. Coach Cavina gives space to the trio Logan, Burnell and Gentile, new life that brings back the guests, 18-13. There is more energy, especially defensive, among the Sardinians, a good final from Mitoglou keeps Olimpia ahead at the first siren, 22-15. Banco di Sardegna that does not give up thanks to the excellent percentages from the arc, Milan remains ahead finding the precious work near the basket of Tarczewski first and then Biligha, 28-21. Guests who try to involve Mekowulu more, with profession the men of coach Messina remain in control by exploiting all the experience of Rodriguez and Datome, Tarczewski awarded for the comfortable dunk of the new plus 12, 37-25. The hosts run away shortly before the long break, thanks to a technician on the biancoblu bench, Diop mends to minus 12 in the middle of the match, 42-30. After the break the red and white margin widens with Melli and his teammates raising the defensive wall, triple from the corner for the most 18, 50-32. A rebound dominates the AX with Biligha and Mitoglou always in evidence, Dinamo crashes to minus 24 also hit by Daniels, 60-36 at the penultimate siren. Ordinary administration for Olimpia in the last quarter, Milan closes with high gears (Marco Taminelli).
Milano: Daniels and Mitoglou 16, Datome and Grant 10
Sassari: Burnell, Bendzius e Logan 10

The resistance of the Fortitudo stuck in Brescia lasts a quarter and a few: the gap between the formations in the field is too wide, with
Brescia that brings home the third success in a row with the company record equaled by triples (17), thus reversing the bad start to the season. Martino’s team is still in an emergency, where the announced Keith Langford seems to no longer be arriving and where Ashley (towards Sassari?) And Groselle could leave, in Brescia he runs into the fifth defeat. At PalaLeonessa Fortitudo tries to get off to a good start (6-8), inspired by Aradori from Brescia. Brescia is charged by a very hot environment: 23-14 with Mitrou-Long the absolute protagonist of the 7-0 break (11 points, 2/2 from the arc) digging the first furrow. Mancinelli and Groselle enter and Fortitudo seeks recovery, but the music does not change: upon returning after the first siren +11 Brescia (29-18) with a triple from Eboua. Rincalzi in the field for Magro against Martino’s starting five: Brescia touches 16 points ahead (43-27) and administers. The closing of the second quarter certifies that only Brescia is on the field: + 22 with an 8-0 break built in less than 60 ”(59-37). Fortitudo comes out of the locker room trying to reopen the game, but without succeeding: Brescia reaches + 24 (73-49). (Alberto Banzola)
Brescia: Mitrou-Long 25, Gabriel and Burns 13, Della Valle 12
Fortitudo Bologna: Aradori 16, Mancinelli 12, Benzing and Ashley 11

Trento hits Pesaro forcing the home team to a fourth consecutive defeat. Always ahead of the guests from the second quarter onwards. Pesaro chases and at 20 “and at 8” from the end of regular time he has the ball twice for a draw with the wrong triples by a monumental Delfino and Demetrio. Vuelle relies heavily on heavy solutions and at 7 ‘it is 13-4, with the guests not seeing the basket. Pesaro is prompt and precise even up close. Trento enters the game slowly and at 10 ‘is close: 17-15 thanks to the offensive rebounds captured and converted into points. Midnight overtakes with a triple at 12 ‘(17-18), Pesaro remains 4’ without realizing and stops. Trento never stops: 21-26 at 16 ‘and 23-32 at 18’ with counterattacks. An enthralling Flaccadori from the line stretches to 26-40 just before the interval and the red and white curve loses patience. Vuelle just slips 10 points in the second period, getting lost and showing little desire to fight. Delfino reacts by hitting 11 points in 8 ‘of the third quarter. Trento does not retreat and remains above with the rebounds in attack. Pesaro with the four little ones suffers in defense, Larson scores 10 points and the game remains open (53-61 at 30 ‘). At 33 ‘the Trentino Williams was sent off for a very bad intervention on Camara who beats his head on the parquet. At 38 ‘it is 70-73 with Demetrio and Jones (and a good defense) signing the internal break of 12-3. Flaccadori breaks the spell (70-76), Moretti places three stitches, Delfino does not find the trepunti of the tie. Flaccadori is 2/2 from the line (73-78) at 13 ”from the end. Caroline comes out for 5 fouls, Demetrio does not score from 6.75. For Pesaro it is the knockout
Pesaro: Delfino 24, Larson 18, Demetrio, Jones e Sanford 8
Trento: Flaccadori 18, Forray 15, Caroline 1

No surprises at Palaverde: thanks to an excellent second half and the inspired tests of Russell and Akele, Treviso wins the fourth victory of its championship against a Varese in serious emergency. Given the absences for Covid (Wilson, Egbunu and coach Vertemati), and with Caruso out due to injury, the Lombard team – led by deputy Cavazzana – plays a game with all the heart: without a role center, it places itself in the zone, closes the match. area and trust in the poor streak of opposing shooters. It is a tactic that initially works, because Treviso from the long run is a disaster and in defense it loses focus: Varese immediately gains a small advantage (5-12) and manages to close the first quarter ahead (24-30), thanks to Beane’s triple and Gentile’s inventions. The story does not change even in the second part: coach Cavazzana raises the area across the board and his players fly to +11, shooting with very high percentages. To wake up Treviso are the baskets of Dimsa and Akele, which inspire the break of 15-6 with which the Venetians go to the long rest on 44 equal. Coach Menetti’s team insists on starting the second half which opens with a triple from Russell and Sokolowski. Beane tries to keep his team afloat with some spectacular baskets, but Treviso is on the ball and the gap begins to widen: 71-59 at the end of the third quarter, then in the last there is no more history. (Alberto Mariutto)

Treviso: Russell 21, Akele 19, Dimsa 18, Sims 16, Sokolowski 15
Varese: Beane 20, Gentile 17, Jones 16, Sorokas 11

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Milan is a roller, Sassari is crushed. Brescia sets the record by 3

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