Milan is an infinite Ibra: ready for the derby, aiming for the Scudetto and dreaming of the World Cup

The idea of ​​renewal is there, but Zlatan wants to make sure he is back on top. In Rome he proved to be on the right track

Amaze has always been his job. More, a vocation, then a habit. Zlatan Ibrahimovic started working to go beyond the limits when he was a kid with the Ronaldo poster in his room, in Malmoe, and he has never stopped. From the famous pitch of the aforementioned ghetto, which is not a ghetto, to the ivory tower in the new center of Milan. From his last home Zlatan sees the headquarters of Inter. The view on the derby is already getting longer.


Ibra quickly became a derby man, immediately decisive: first season with Inter, 2006-2007, conceded a goal in the first leg and one in the return to Milan. Then he is satisfied with two assists and ends with two goals in five games. They don’t seem like many when compared to Ibrahimovic’s great numbers, but in those seasons Zlatan scores, wins, shows that strong character that he has been wearing since he was a boy challenged by his team-mates’ parents in the Malmoe youth teams: too good, too arrogant, lover of goals in acrobatics, exaggerated. One that was not in line with the prototype of the Swedish player. But he was a force of nature, and strength did not abandon him even in the dark moments, such as the period of misunderstanding with Guardiola in Barcelona or the serious knee injury that seemed destined to end his career. It didn’t happen, and after the Californian period it was AC Milan that brought him back to the top in Europe too. This is why Milan is his home and the derby is his match. And also this time Ibra is preparing to take the Milan fans on the roller coaster. There are eight goals scored so far with the Milan shirt in eight games. But as we have seen against Roma, Ibrahimovic has no intention of stopping. He aims for the championship which also passes through the dangerous intersection on Sunday. Aim for the World Cup and the World Cup also includes a renewal with Milan which is not excluded. Far from it. Maybe with a future as an executive to write immediately after Qatar 2022.


For now there is the present, with another derby to play to confirm itself in the race. The memories of Ibra in the derbies are almost all beautiful and patience for the choirs and whistles which, as he always says, give him energy. Then there are the crooked evenings, such as that of the Italian Cup, the bickering with Lukaku, the expulsion, the controversies. For the Milan fans, Ibra is untouchable even when he goes further, and it is not just a matter of numbers. Of course, the numbers help and Ibra’s are particularly round. In the first derby as a Milan player, Ibra was immediately decisive: 1-0. In the return match against Inter he is disqualified, but the balance is abundantly corrected in subsequent years. And then that is the season of the last championship won in Italy, it is the season of the perfect race with ideal teammates for him like Pato and Robinho. Even ten years ago Ibra was able to score and score, a quality he has not lost. The range has decreased, the game vision remains.


A team of researchers delighted in the study of some of its characteristics: visual perception, resilience. Doctors who operated on him in the United States called his recovery “phenomenal”. Because the head commands the legs. Milan have learned to walk on their own and to be successful even without Zlatan, but its weight on the pitch is not in dispute. Pioli already has in mind to let him rest against Porto, even if the game is fundamental. Because Zlatan is still capable of surprising everyone, but he has to measure up his strength. A little over a year ago, 17 October 2020, in the first derby of the season at Inter, Ibra scored a brace and froze the Nerazzurri side of Milan. Worst moments followed, such as the 3-0 Inter in the last derby. A year ago he started again after Covid, now Zlatan has got back into shape after a complicated injury and is preparing for another evening of those he loves, full of emotions and maybe boos. With the dream of the World Cup in mind and an idea, to go on with Milan, the club that he loved most, probably, and which still does not think of doing without it. Pioli repeats: “If Zlatan is well he can play who knows how long”. The race for large numbers is not over.

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Milan is an infinite Ibra: ready for the derby, aiming for the Scudetto and dreaming of the World Cup

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