Mysterious serial murders in the Murdaugh family

By Arnaud Leparmentier

Posted on November 12, 2021 at 4:20 p.m., updated at 5:22 a.m.

In the swamp forests of South Carolina, this Saturday, September 4, the start of a long holiday weekend, lawyer Alex Murdaugh, 53, parks his black Mercedes about ten kilometers from his home. He is busy changing a tire on his vehicle when a man arrives who shoots him in the head.

Alex Murdaugh is quickly evacuated by helicopter and the police launch their investigation based on his story. But, very quickly, flaws appear in his version. First, the Mercedes tires allow you to drive even when they are punctured. Then, we discover that the bullet barely grazed the avocado.

Ten days later, it is the twist. Alex Murdaugh admits to police that the case is a set-up: he paid a henchman, Curtis Edward Smith, who is said to be his drug dealer, to kill him, in order to allow his eldest son to touch a death insurance of 10 million dollars (8.7 million euros).

In reality, Alex Murdaugh wanted to kill himself, but sought to disguise his ending as murder – suicide not being covered by insurance. “I never hurt anyone. I was naive to get caught up in this fucking story, too ”, a said Curtis Edward Smith at New York Post after his indictment.

Dead in his hunting lodge

The case fascinates the American press. Because Alex Murdaugh is no stranger in the region: he is part of a white dynasty of lawyers and prosecutors who have reigned for a century over Hampton County, a town in the southern United States, once controlled by the United States. democrats.

And the character has something to keep the readers in suspense. Not only does he claim to be a drug addict, severely dependent on opioids, but he is in financial bankruptcy and has just been fired from the family business founded by his great-grandfather in 1910. He is accused of having embezzled several millions there. of dollars. Especially, in early June, his wife, Maggie, and his youngest son, Paul, 22, were found dead in his 700 hectare hunting lodge.

Alex Murdaugh and his wife, Maggie, surrounded by their two sons, Paul (left) and Buster.

In this deep south of the United States, dotted with Baptist churches, where mansions and miserable shacks rub shoulders, a sign reads: “Repent or perish, the choice is yours. » On the outskirts of the magnificent Murdaugh property, hidden by trees, a sign “clear out!” »Sets the tone. A neighbor refuses to speak: “I have no comment to make. »

“There is probably not a single person [à Hampton] whose life was not influenced by Randolph Murdaugh. Judge Perry Bruckner

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Mysterious serial murders in the Murdaugh family

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