No Green Pass, no agreement on Saturday’s demonstration in Milan: risk of new chaos

New hot Saturday due to the parades of the gods no green pass, which have become a fixed appointment in several Italian cities. The most crowded squares are those of Milano e Trieste: in the Lombard capital, the demonstrators parade once again without a set route, after the meeting in preccint ended with a stalemate, and they deviated from the authorized itinerary blocking traffic along the ring road. The police are called again to stem the flow of people, as happened last Saturday, when the demonstrators have repeatedly violated the agreements established: gives 16 weeks now the processions cause heavy inconvenience a citizens e Merchants and have led to positions taken by bodies, associations and institutions that speak of quantifiable economic losses tens of millions of eurO. In Trieste, on the other hand, the participants in the seventh procession of the no green pass Coordination are eight thousand: is the second highest number in the last ten years in the city, after i 15mil of the march of 11 October, on the eve of the introduction of the pass in the workplace. There was an attempted breakthrough in Unity of Italy square (armored since the morning) rejected with a charge by the police.

Milano – Circa four thousand according to the Police Headquarters, the participants in the sixteenth procession in the streets of the center, which started around 5.30 pm. Among the demonstrators also a group of logistics workers with the yellow vests, who display the banner “now and always resistance”. Even before the beginning, during the concentration in piazza Fontana, two men – two brothers – have jostled the Journalist from Fanpage Saverio Tommasi putting a hand on the camera to try to prevent filming, and they were accompanied to the police station: among the most repeated choirs there was also a “terrorist journalist”. In the face of the threats and attacks already observed during the past Saturdays, the National Federation of the Press (Fnsi) asks “the law enforcement agencies highest possible vigilance towards the information operators who will be present in the square today in Milan ”. “There was no demonstration without some colleague being harassed, intimidated, insulted or pushed. Are extremely worried for this witch-hunt climate, especially in a context of public order in which, for the umpteenth time, it was not possible to agree on the path of the event “, echoes the Lombard chroniclers group.

The crowd deviated from the route imposed by the commissioner Giuseppe Petronzi: arrived at the middle of corso di Porta Romana, instead of turning left into via Lamarmora most of the demonstrators took corso di Porta Vigentina, thus following an unexpected road. The procession tried to head towards the Dock, completely paralyzing the traffic in Viale Beatrice D’Este, part of the ring road: “Blocked by the departments that prevented them from continuing, they are further fragmented into groups that move confusedly for the deliberate purpose of creating confusion and blocking traffic”, they explain from the Police Headquarters. Some demonstrators carry one on their shoulders cardboard coffin wrapped in a flag of Italy with leaning gods carnations, to celebrate “the freedom funeral“. The provisions of the authorities provided for the passage of the procession in piazza Duomo, via Mazzini, piazza Missori, corso di Porta Romana, viale Caldara, viale Regina Margherita, piazza V Giornate, viale Bianca Maria, corso XXII Marzo, viale Piceno, via dei Mille, viale Abruzzi, piazzale Loreto, corso Buenos Aires with arrival “in piazza Oberdan, where the event must end” at 9 pm, thus avoiding touching sensitive targets such as Chamber of work, already the subject of assault attempts. Formula contested by the leaders of the protests they accused of “incorrectness“The Police Headquarters, explaining that it was essential for them to walk past at least two sensitive targets between the headquarters of the newspaper Free, the State University and the Lombardy region.

From via Fatebenefratelli they replied by defining “questionable“The statements and explaining that the promoters of the march showed up” only on Friday morning, after repeated invitations “. A “path has been proposed, they clarify plausible which maintained the passage near some points indicated by the demonstrators, as well as the transit through Piazza Duomo. The goal was to give the event adequate visibility, safeguarding, at the same time, the sensitive objectives and allowing to contain the inconvenience to traffic and commerce. “I think there will be more law enforcement than last time, when many people were busy in Rome for the G20,” said the mayor. Giuseppe Sala. “At this point we will see what happens. The commissioner has made provisions and I have no element to say whether they will be respected or not ”.

Trieste – The demonstration started at 15 from Freedom square: for the Police Headquarters the participants are at least eight thousand, while the men of the police deployed are 400. The participants had been prescribed by an order of the mayor to keep the interpersonal distance and wear the mask, but very few have respected the provisions despite the appropriate warnings arrived from Van with loudspeaker at the head of the procession. The protest was marked by cori habitual (“Freedom”, “No green pass”, “People like us never give up”) and also understood insults al premier Mario Draghi, to the mayor Roberto Dipiazza and to the editorial board of the newspaper The small. Around 6pm, a group of about two hundred protesters he tried to reach piazza Unità d’Italia, which had been armored since the morning, from piazza della Borsa, pushing the barriers forward in an attempt to pull back the forces of law and order. “We want to enter our square,” they told reporters.

The agents reacted at first rejecting them and waving i batons: later the deployment of the police moved from Piazza Unità d’Italia and has loaded to drive them back to Piazza della Borsa. In the course of action they were overturned coffee tables e seats of the surrounding premises. Then a vehicle equipped with hydrant he positioned himself near the assembly. In the end, the police finally evacuated the area where the demonstrators were backward: police and Carabinieri in riot gear they advanced, without charging, pushing away the people who would have liked to stay and demonstrate. In small units of a few men, law enforcement officers sent everyone away by swinging their batons and using shields. “The attempt to enter Piazza Unità by force is a bad episode, a confrontation sought by a group of demonstrators and a deliberate one violation of the law, which is added to the practice of contempt for health and failure to comply with the rules indicated by the Municipality and Police Headquarters. It is intolerable that Trieste becomes a stage or a battlefield: the people of Trieste are now tired of seeing each other seized the city once a week and to suffer economic damage in the name of unscientific extremisms or improvised constitutionalists on the Internet. We thank the police who have suffered provocations and attacks reacting with great professionalism “, declares the leader of the Democratic Party to the Chamber Debora Serracchiani, former governor of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.

“In the case of all the prescriptions of the public safety authority are not respected, the individual positions of the organizers and demonstrators will be assessed in relation to the provision of article 18 paragraph 5 of the Consolidated Law on public safety “, which provides for” thearrest up to one year with thefine from € 206 to € 413 ″, the Police Headquarters of the Julian capital had made known. The procession “must take place in compliance with the prescriptions issued by the Trieste police chief, in implementation of the decisions taken in the provincial committee for public order and safety”: the provision, “adopted pursuant to Article 18 of the Consolidated public safety laws (Tulps), provided that the demonstration should be held from 15 to 18 according to the following itinerary: piazza della Libertà, corso Cavour, Riva 3 Novembre, via Mazzini, piazza Goldoni, via Carducci, piazza Oberdan, piazza Dalmazia, via Ghega, piazza della Libertà ”.

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No Green Pass, no agreement on Saturday’s demonstration in Milan: risk of new chaos

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