Osimhen goes fast: he is already thinking about training to shorten the stop

The Nigerian is still in hospital under observation, but would like to return to the field before the 3 months initially set

That prognosis of 90 days is the most unbearable burden for Victor Osimhen among the various sufferings in the postoperative course. On Tuesday the Napoli striker went under the knife due to multiple fractures to his face in the fortuitous game clash with Skriniar during the match against Inter on Sunday evening. In the operating room, six plates and eighteen titanium screws were applied between the cheekbone and the orbit of his left eye. There is so much bitterness in the Nigerian for having to stop for such a long period that it will contain a very important phase of the league leaders Napoli and also that Africa Cup to live with the national team for a whole month, starting in January. To the satisfaction of a dazzling start to the season with the nine goals scored with Napoli was added the recent joy for the two goals with Nigeria just over a week ago. “It will depend on the boy’s reaction”, underlined Gianpaolo Tartaro, the surgeon who operated on him at the Ruesch clinic in Naples. So those three months of prognosis also contain a certain “flexibility”. Among the risks of being able to go further, but also with the possibility of shortening that period. And in the second case, the answer that Osimhen will be able to give with the energies of his 22 years will count a lot. So from that emotional circle, between relatives and friends, which is ready, together with the Naples environment, to huddle around the boy, an extra charge can arrive. And it was a beautiful story published by Milan Skriniar on Instagram. “Hi Victor, good luck and I hope to see you soon on the pitch – said the interist in a video -. Come on, champion”.

Affective drive

Osimhen’s motivations may prove to be basic in the recovery period. But from those close to him he can also receive an extra boost. The one to try a leap forward, like one of the many flashes with which the bomber has shown he can make a difference on the pitch. To try this time to anticipate not an opponent but the timing for the return. And it is that subtle but strong recharge that Osimhen can have to try to reduce those three months into maybe two. A spring that can become a lever in motivation. Meanwhile, the three-month prognosis also bounced back in that viral audio denied by Professor Gianpaolo Tartaro as his own. Indeed, the surgeon would have already submitted the related complaint to the Postal Police in order to try to trace the author of the audio. In the afternoon, the 48 hours after the operation will expire. Osimhen remained under observation in the hospital. Monitored, as happens in these cases, in every aspect. This evening we will make a first point of the situation. To also evaluate when the Napoli striker will be able to return home. Then a few days of rest. But with the hope of starting to start a recovery table as early as next week, naturally with all the necessary precautions. So you can see Osimhen resume exercising in the gym and running in Castel Volturno. Because those three months may well become shorter than expected.

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Osimhen goes fast: he is already thinking about training to shorten the stop

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