Quotes (and points) on the rise with Sarri’s moves: Cataldi play and “peace” with Luis Alberto

Compared to a year ago, after 12 games of the championship, the biancocelesti have collected 3 points more. However, some negative notes remain, such as the defense and Zaccagni’s problems

Plus three. It seems little, but it is not at all. Lazio have three more points in the standings compared to a year ago after 12 league matches. A positive sign that is not at all obvious after the Copernican revolution on the bench that led to the farewell of Simone Inzaghi and the arrival of Maurizio Sarri. And even less obvious after a start to the season experienced between ups and downs by the Biancoceleste team. However, in recent weeks it seems to have found the right pace and a regularity of performance that had been lacking previously, when heavy setbacks were followed by striking results. Not all the problems have been solved, of course, the work that the technician has to do is still a lot. But the feeling is that, after various experiments, the right path may have been taken.

What’s up

The game flows smoother and the defense takes less risk. This was made possible by a less rigid application of the principles that the coach calls for. The pressing is thus less exasperated and the center of gravity of the team is slightly lower than in the first games of the league. However, this did not prevent Lazio from continuing to produce goal chances. The attack continues to turn well, thanks above all to the offensive trident, from which 17 goals have already arrived. Ten has scored Immobile, 4 Pedro and 3 Felipe Anderson. Among the positive notes there is also the newfound inspiration of the midfield, which thanks to the inclusion of Cataldi and the recovery of Luis Alberto has returned to optimal levels.

What’s wrong

The defense suffers less, but continues to be the weak link in the biancoceleste formation. It is true that in the last three league games there have been two goals against the passive (at an average of less than one per game), while in the first nine the goals conceded were 17 (with an average of almost two per game), but the feeling of vulnerability remains. And it has caused, in the latest releases, the comebacks of Atalanta in the league and Marseille in the Europa League. The speech obviously concerns not only the rearguard, but the entire defensive phase of the Roman team. It is above all a problem of mental attitude: the biancocelesti go apnea when they have to manage an advantage situation, they are unable to make the dribble that would be necessary in certain phases of the match.

Passed and rejected

Among the first in addition to the usual known faces (ie Immobile, Milinkovic, Acerbi) there are the two external Felipe Anderson and Pedro. They seemed like two fallback solutions, they have become two cornerstones of the team and are making a difference. Then Cataldi, who is the revelation of the season. He stole the position of play maker from Leiva and since the changeover things have improved significantly. Among the promoted also Luis Alberto. Until a few weeks ago he was a separate in the house. He was good at reacting and getting back to the center of the project. Then there are the failures. First of all Muriqi. The departure of Caicedo had promoted him to the role of vice-building, but so far he has failed all the opportunities that have been granted to him. Bad, but not his fault, also Mattia Zaccagni. His contribution has so far been nil, but basically because he has been blocked by injuries (already two). The performance of Akpa-Akpro was also disappointing and, with the arrival of Sarri, it seemed he could have great chances, but up to now he has not been able to seize the opportunities.

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Quotes (and points) on the rise with Sarri’s moves: Cataldi play and “peace” with Luis Alberto

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