Real Madrid, victory and solitary primacy. Ancelotti becomes “centenary”

Against Rayo Vallecano it ends 2-1: goals from Kroos and Benzema. The Italian coach reaches success number 100 with the Blancos

An evening with all the trimmings for Real Madrid, who in one fell swoop achieved victory and a solitary record in the standings. Two-faced match against a Rayo who earned the surprise label thanks to his permanent presence in the upper floors of La Liga and who tonight touched the sensational comeback at the photo finish. But Ancelotti’s troops grit their teeth and with a bit of luck take home the three points thanks to Kroos and Benzema. The 2-1 at the Bernabeu allows the Blancos to fly at 27 points, overtaking Real Sociedad (which also boasts one more match). The Madrid team can only be joined by Sevilla, on the pitch tomorrow, while Barça slips to -10.

White superiority

Ancelotti has to do without Modric and once again decides to leave a Hazard on the bench by now more and more dejected. On the other hand, the Benzema-Vinicus formula works wonders and even Asensio manages to make a bigger contribution than the Belgian. The proof comes after just a quarter of an hour, when the Majorcan frees Kroos with a perfect back discharge that the German sends under seven with a first-intention billiard shot. The Madrid advantage is the direct consequence of a decisive and sustained start, so much so that the Blancos already pass on 4 ‘with Vinicius, but everything is canceled for offside. Despite the initial absence of Falcao, the Rayo decides to play it openly and manages to go to the shooting a couple of times. But at a high price: the center of gravity of Iraola’s team is too high, every merengue acceleration risks hurting like a knife and it takes a great Dimitrevski to limit the damage in the first half hour.

Thriller finale

The Macedonian goalkeeper quickly became the protagonist of the evening with two interventions to the limit of the prodigious, one also on an awkward attempt at an own goal by Catena, but he had to surrender again in the 38th minute: precise center of Alaba who cut off all the defense and Benzema only had to lean into goal for doubling. In the host defense, authentic chasms open up in which Ancelotti’s sprinters sink at will, but the Blancos also waste the impossible. First Vinicius, with an overwhelming solitary action thwarted by a save on the line, then Asensio, who in the 52nd minute is hypnotized face to face with the opposing goalkeeper. By dint of forgiveness, after a sensational right from Benzema one centimeter from seven, Real Madrid ends up getting burned. The credit goes to the “Tiger” Falcao, who, after a post full of Bebé, creates havoc within 10 ‘: entry into the field, signature paw to shorten the distances and replacement at 80’ due to boredom muscular. But the end is all in apnea, because the guests attack with courage and in full recovery they almost equalize in a furious scrum in front of the goal line.

The goal

The Blancos risk the mess in the final, but in the end Ancelotti takes home a well-deserved victory with a particular flavor. Yes, because for the Emilian coach it is the hundredth success on the merengue bench, a goal previously crossed by seven other technicians. Ancelotti, however, is the second to have made a round figure in the fewest number of games, immediately behind Mourinho (133 games against 135). Luis Molowny is now in the sights with 107 wins, then Beenhaker (121), Mou (128), Del Bosque (133), Zidane (174) and the unattainable Miguel Muñoz with 357 wins.

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Real Madrid, victory and solitary primacy. Ancelotti becomes “centenary”

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