Shevchenko will have to relaunch Genoa, ready for a two-year period

There is an agreement, signatures soon: the Ukrainian champion has overtaken Pirlo. Ballardini: “A difficult moment”

Equal is not enough, for Ballardini it is the terminus. Surprisingly, Andriy Shevchenko was ready in his place, who overtook the only other candidate in the running, Andrea Pirlo, who was carefully evaluated. A name of great prestige for the rossoblù bench, that of Shevchenko, expressly wanted by the new American owners of 777 Partners, the alternative investment company that on November 15th will officially become the owner of the Grifone.

High profile

The idea of ​​Josh Wander, and his associates, in the face of the evident difficulties of the team, was to focus on a profile of great international fame, with the ability to represent the profile of a club that will radically change its face even abroad. . The 2004 golden ball, 45 years old, would have had a meeting with Monza before Genoa, which initially thought of him as a possible alternative for the Lombard bench. But, in the end, the charm of a club over a hundred years old and the great potential offered by this imminent change of ownership convinced Shevchenko, who led Ukraine up to the European Championship (reaching the quarter-finals), to accept the return to Italy. , A country to which he is very attached.


777 Partners, who will formally take over the ownership of the club from Enrico Preziosi in nine days, has offered him a two-year deal until 30 June 2023, with an option for the following season, for just under two million euros. The agreement has been reached, only the Ukrainian champion’s signature is missing. Which will probably happen next week. This is the clearest sign of the great growth process that the new owners of the Griffon, after the announcement of last September 22, intend to carry on, both on a technical and structural level, with a specific interest in the stadium. Ferraris, on which a discussion for the future with Sampdoria will be launched. In any case, it is a sensational choice, also because it is evident that Shevchenko, in giving his assent to Genoa, has evidently found the club’s willingness to get out of a very complicated situation.

Everything like before

For his part, in the face of Bianchi’s great joy for his first goal in Serie A, decisive for the final equal, the rossoblù coach Ballardini, in his fourth term on the Grifone bench, admitted to “having prepared this match as all the others, and I say this with the utmost sincerity, having lived with my collaborators so many delicate moments like this one. We, however, always prepare the matches in the same way, trying to do the best possible for the team “. Recalling, however, as in the case of Caicedo, last night for the first time since he arrived at Genoa, “he hadn’t played a whole game since 2004, I think …”. And, in fact, the late condition of the ex from Lazio when he presented himself in Genoa, and like him the difficulties of the players who arrived at the end of the summer market, speak volumes about the problems revealed by Genoa in this first part of the season. A key period in its history is now starting for Genoa: Sheva is ready to return to Italy and the change of ownership is imminent. On the other hand, the former Andreazzoli praises his: “Our results are not accidental, but the result of work”.

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Shevchenko will have to relaunch Genoa, ready for a two-year period

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