Spider-Man is coming to Marvel’s Avengers, but it’s a PlayStation exclusive

Spider-Man is about to be introduced with a new story about the Square Enix service game, along with many other (free) news for the game.

Spider-Man is finally about to come up Marvel’s Avengers, after being announced close to the launch of the game. The character, as is tradition for the Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics service game, will come with a whole new story. The bad news is that both the character and his story will be a PlayStation exclusive, only coming to PS4 and PS5. The positive side is that an update will be launched simultaneously that will improve different aspects of the game on all platforms (therefore also Xbox and PC).

Spider-Man: Gives great power … –

Spider-Man will come exclusively for PlayStation players to Marvel’s Avengers with the November 30 update, along with the Spider-Man: From a Great Power … Hero Event, with which Square Enix hopes to straighten the fortunes of a fairly product. bad lucky. “Spider-Man’s aerial acrobatics will bring a new way to experience the game, both solo and with friends, and his unique movements and combat skills are sure to be valuable additions to the strike team in missions. Avengers initiative ”, is explained in a press release. Players will experience the story of Spider-Man through unlockable challenges intertwined in the Avengers Initiative. Peter Parker will discover a new deadly threat and will have to work with the Avengers to prevent AIM from obtaining a technology that could make its army of syntoids unstoppable. Determined to keep his identity a secret, Parker forms a timid friendship with Ms. Marvel e Black Widow and will have to face the new dynamics of teamwork.

Not just Spider-Man –

Marvel’s Avengers will introduce Update 2.2 on the same day, November 30th, and this will be available for all platforms. The game will also remain on Xbox Game Pass, where it is playable for non-PlayStation platforms as part of the subscription. These are the main new features of the free update:

  • Loads – Cargo functionality provides a new way of obtaining cosmetics, assets and other items through gameplay, an option much requested by the community of Marvel’s Avengers. Each load costs 500 units (the currency you can get by playing Marvel’s Avengers) and draws from a collection of around 250 possible items, with a limited chance of awarding a premium costume not otherwise obtainable. But it doesn’t take luck to get the costume – players will automatically receive it after claiming 100 shipments.
  • Increased power level – The maximum achievable power level will be increased from 150 to 175. Acquiring the best equipment will require you to complete the game’s toughest challenge: the new four-player raid, Klaw’s Raid: Discordant sounds.
  • Equipment upgrade – Players will be able to recycle equipment of a higher power level to upgrade their current equipment to the power level of the consumed item, with some exceptions.

The raids of Marvel’s Avengers are one of the decisive proofs of the teamwork of the game’s endgmae. They will require advanced tactics and the full cooperation of a team of four players equipped with the best equipment available. After the events of the War for Wakanda expansion, the sonic monster Klaw returned to the Vibranium Mound to destroy Wakanda. Black Panther and the Avengers will have to stop him before he can.

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Spider-Man is coming to Marvel’s Avengers, but it’s a PlayStation exclusive

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