Super Cup: Venice with the thrill, but it’s at the Final Eight

Reyer, also ahead of 18 points, is made up by Reggio Emilia who misses the extra shot. In the quarters Venice will face Pesaro. Irrelevant match for the qualification in Naples where Brescia wins the first victory

Leonardo Balletta-Michele Contessa


Reyer dominates, then trembles, but in the end she flies to the Final Eight of the Supercoppa (76-73) where she will cross Pesaro, Reggio Emilia never tames, she comes out with a very high head. Human without Bramos and Charalampopoulos, Caja instead recovers Cinciarini, sent to the floor in the middle of the first fraction for Crawford. Cloudy attacks, only Brooks is “on” with two 3-pointers from the corner (6-2), put out too early by fouls. Watt tries to break the balance (13-7) with Vitali who limits Olisevicius for a long time, who then places 7 consecutive points (16-14), the last shot of the Umana (23-16). Second quarter, Reyer has a double-digit advantage (26-16, 29-19), Echodas on one side and Candi on the other. Stone ignites the fuse by stopping Johnson, the Umana flies away (40-26) with 24 points of Watt (13) and Echodas (11). At the first relaxation, the UnaHotels approaches again (40-32), then De Raffaele loses Watt (3 stitches) due to a fortuitous blow from Diouf to the face. Human still at + 14 (47-33) in the middle of the race. Slow restart (49-35), Watt remains in the locker room, Umana who controls and Tonut’s first triple arrives (53-42), while Daye restarts in the quintet with determination, Sanders’ torpedo sends the UnaHotels to – 16 (58-42), who remains hooked to the game with 7 points from Hopkins (63-49). Human still at +15 (66-51), without Watt Venezia begins to suffer (66-63), break of 12-0 outside. Reyer suddenly on tilt (68-66), catching Cinciarini (68-68) at 3’43 “(2-17 partial). De Nicolao’s triple (71-68) and Daye’s 2 + 1 (74-69) make Reyer breathe, Reggio recriminates Cinciarini’s 0/2 and Strautins’ triple on-3 (74-71) .

Venezia: Watt 13, Echodas 13, Tonut 10, De Nicolao 10

Reggio Emilia: Hopkins 17, Olisevicius 13, Crawford 12

Brescia conquers Fuorigrotta in the last and irrelevant match of Group C (Treviso already qualified), winning the first victory of its official season after three defeats at the end of a match conducted for almost 40 minutes (the only advantage is GeVi the 28-27 of the 12 ‘) but decided only in the last few bars with Napoli good at recovering first the 11-18 of the 5 ‘and then the 45-58 of the 25’. The decisive escape, 4 from the siren, is signed by Della Valle, author of 5 triples, and Petrucelli, protagonists of the success with the former Burns. For Naples, still lacking Rich (the club scans the market of US scorers to replace him, on Saturday in Brescia there was a meeting for Andrew Andrews) Marini very well, play Velicka positive with 8 assists.
Naples: Marini, Elegar 15, Parks 12
Brescia: Della Valle 20, Burns 16, Mitrou-Long 12

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Super Cup: Venice with the thrill, but it’s at the Final Eight

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