Super Doncic does not save the Mavs: Miami celebrates with its Fab Four

Fifth win in a row for Miami always super in defense and launched by Butler, Adebayo, Lowry and Herro. For the Slovenian 33 points, but it’s Luka against everyone …

The Heat are as good as Miami these days. They also won comfortably in Dallas, 125-110, taking their fifth consecutive victory in Texas. The 6-1 record is the best in the league. The seasonal start was as a sprinter. They impose themselves at Doncic’s home by showing off a balanced attack, with many offensive options.

Fab Four

We are not talking about the Beatles, but about Butler, Adebayo, Lowry and Herro: they all play great, complementary. The defense struggled in the 1st quarter until the Mavs, who were unbeaten after three home games, play with enthusiasm and fresh energy, but in the long run it takes measures to the opponents, those of two NBA Finals of the past. Kidd, who was then a player, had spoken in advance of a defense in Miami that reminds him of that of Coach Riley’s Heat, of the tough editions of Miami in the 90s. Absolutely the freshness of the Heat impressed: Butler bursting with energy from all pores, Lowry seems rejuvenated, and certainly thinner, Herro seems to be back in the playoffs in the Orlando bubble compared to the boy more interested in nocturnal revels than in basketball he had messed up, bad, last season.

Dallas lights and shadows

The Mavs (4-3) were still without Porzingis. And they don’t have enough talent to afford illustrious defections, even though Latvian is a question mark. Doncic played well, but is forced to force for lack of alternatives, beyond the intentions. This time Brunson gave him a hand, up front, but the blanket is always short, on both sides of the pitch. Luka does and undoes, but Dallas remains uncovered, due to an incomplete staff for the franchise ambitions.

The match

17-7 Mavericks at the first time out with 6 points immediately for Doncic and Butler, the most anticipated stars. Then 30-24 Dallas at the end of the 1st quarter, after being ahead by even 11 points. Herro, the best scorer of the league from the bench, targets from everywhere to overtake Heat at 37-36. Lowry, who always protests, gets a technical foul, exaggerating. It becomes a “shootout” of triples, with Herro and Doncic spectacular. Luka is marked by six different players who make a relay, they exhaust him. The 11-2 split to close the time in Miami allows her to go to the 70-62 forward interval. Shoot with 53%. Butler with 13 points, Doncic 19. A triple from Lowry is worth +12 guests at 81-69. It becomes 99-88 at the end of the 3rd quarter with Brunson’s triple on the siren. The umpteenth magic of the former Villanova brings the Mavs back to -6. It does not last long. Miami has too many mouths of fire, becomes Doncic against everyone, and the Slovenian ends up beaten. Miami wins and convinces. Dallas looks decent, but with limited potential.

flushing street

The coach of the Heat is lying at the end of the match: “I have a group of intelligent and selfless players. They think about winning, not about individual statistics ”. Herro: “We had expectations in pre-season, we’re having fun, but it’s still early”.

Dallas:Doncic 33 (7/15, 3/9, 10/12 t.l.), Brunson 25, Hardaway 17. Rimbalzi: Powell 8. Assist. Doncic 5.

Miami:Herro 25 (8/14, 3/6), Butler 23, Lowry/Adebayo 22. Rimbalzi: Adebayo 13. Assist: Lowry 9.

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Super Doncic does not save the Mavs: Miami celebrates with its Fab Four

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