Supercoppa, Treviso drops the trio: Final Eight one step away. Venice ok in a sprint on Reggio Emilia

Bortolani once again the driver of Treviso while Imbrò goes out on a stretcher (left elbow). Treviso one step away from the Final Eight, Brescia is out. Reyer dates back to -14 and surpasses the Emilians

Alberto Mariutto – Francesco Pioppi


Treviso wins its third victory in Group C and continues its pre-season so far perfect, scrimmage included. However, it is a bittersweet victory because at 6 ‘from the end of the third quarter an injury to his left arm forced Matteo Imbrò to go out on a stretcher and to no longer be available to Menetti, the player will need to be investigated. The first quarter, 22-20, immediately reveals a Treviso that relies on widespread danger (no player over 3 points) and a match plan that does not skimp on archery (5/10). Brescia, on the other hand, is almost entirely reflected in its driver Petrucelli, who in the first 10 minutes alone recorded 8 points and 5 steals. In the heart of the second quarter, thanks to a very energetic defense, Brescia tries to escape and touches the maximum advantage on +8, Treviso only mends a possession and at the interval the score is 37-42. The script, however, follows a bit that of the match at PalaLeonessa, with Brescia trying to escape but in the end Treviso recovers. The Treviso players on the Bortolani-Russell axis overturn the game and close the third quarter at 63-59 thanks to a 15-5 run. The end of the game is sparkling, as in a boxing match the teams strike blows after blows and you enter the last minute on +3 for Treviso. Brescia has heart to spare and repeatedly tries to stay in the game with the excellent Laquintana, in the end it is a triple by Dimsa with 16 ” from the end to extinguish all hope and to make coach Menetti cheer for 90-86.

With this victory, Treviso mortgages access to the Final Eight, but in Brescia there is no longer any chance.

Treviso: Bortolani 21, Russell 19, Sokolowski 9.

Brescia: Della Valle 22, Laquintana 16, Mitrou-Long 14.

Reggio Emilia-Venice 71-75

Venezia overtakes Reggio Emilia and takes the lead in group A of the Super Cup (2-0). De Raffaele’s team wins in the sprint thanks to Watt’s left-handed brushstrokes (17 points and 22 evaluation) and Tonut’s final blaze (11 points and 5 assists). For Unahotels, however, Olisevicius (18 points) is not enough to play a good game, but commits an infraction of steps in the decisive action. With Cinciarini out due to injury (recovery expected for the first season of the championship) Caja launches Crawford in the quintet together with Thompson, Olisevicius, Johnson and Hopkins while De Raffaele responds with Phillip, Tonut, Brooks, Charalampopoulos and Watt, leaving Stone out for turnover and doing debut the long Lithuanian Echodas. Reyer’s first 8 points are all signed by Phillip, but then Venice stops and Reggio tries to run away thanks to Olisevicius ‘baskets (24-15 at 10’). De Raffaele tries to limit his opponents with the 2-3 zone and then also with the 3-2, but Unahotels still reaches the maximum advantage with Thompson’s inventions (40-26 at 17 ‘) before suffering a break of 9-0 signed by Watt. Venice’s comeback takes place on 23 ‘(42-42) and from that moment the match travels on the edge of equilibrium, with Reggio having a good contribution also from Diouf (56-55 on 30’). When Tonut lights up, Reyer tries the extension, but Reggio is not intimidated and with Olisevicius reverses the situation (63-60 in the 36th minute). The Tonut-Watt couple thinks to answer this, with a break of 11-4 (67-71 with 50 ”from the end) with which, in fact, De Raffaele’s team closes the conversation. To seal the score is Tonut from the line (4/4).

Reggio Emilia: Olisevicius e Thompson 18, Hopkins 12.

Venezia: Watt 17, Tonut e Phillip 11.

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Supercoppa, Treviso drops the trio: Final Eight one step away. Venice ok in a sprint on Reggio Emilia

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