Supercoppa, Venice in an avalanche on Fortitudo: Reyer sees the Final Eight

The Treviso players fold Naples in the last period and take the pass for Bologna where on September 18, in the quarterfinals, they will challenge Olimpia. Venice in an avalanche on the Fortitudo. Reyer also touches +34 and is one step away from qualification

Michele Contessa-Alberto Mariutto

Access to the Supercoppa Final Eight where he will challenge Milan, Imbrò’s injury less serious than expected, victory against Napoli 81-74 and Group C finished with full points. The week in Treviso ended in the best possible way, as it now has morale and mental energy in optimal conditions to face the first real goal of the season: the Champions League preliminaries. In the first quarter Treviso wins the fight by rebound, but on Menetti’s team the seven turnovers that affect the attempts to close the lead are weighing, and in fact it is Naples with the head ahead at 10 ‘: 19-20. In the second quarter the score remains on the same wavelength, with two teams that are equal in several aspects of the game and, above all, in the score: parity broken only by a dunk in penetration by Bortolani a few moments from the siren, which seals the first half at 37-35. Balance is the lowest common denominator of the first three quarters, Treviso does what is necessary to always stay in the game thanks to the fact that he has the pass for the Final Eight practically in his pocket. In the final of the third quarter, two triples by the very young Faggian and Casarin (later released with an ankle problem) bring the hosts up +4: 58-54. These are the first signs of a fourth period in which Treviso is able to play with greater ease: 6’30 ” from the end touches the double-digit advantage (69-59), prologue to a final with Treviso always in control, up to the siren (+7 on the scoreboard, 95-80 in the evaluation).

Treviso: Bortolani and Sims 14, Akele 12, Dimsa 11.

Naples: McDuffie 17, Velicka 12, Parks 10.

Venice conquers the PalaDozza (95-67) dominating the Fortitudo and approaches the Final Eight. Fortitudo without Fantinelli and Totè, Reyer without the injured Bramos and Charalampopoulos with Vitali in the starting five. Great impact of Brooks and Richardson (8-4), when Reyer tightens the shirts, Fortitudo goes into difficulty. Benzing’s first unsportsmanlike on Tonut, in the second half the second unsportsmanlike on Watt will cost the German very dearly and the consequent expulsion on -8 (25-33). From 11-11, the Fortitudo disappears and Venice runs away (14-20). Blunt attacks, Sanders tries to turn on Reyer, Richardson and Benzing try to shake the Bolognese (25-30). Watt takes the chair, Benzing leaves the scene, Venezia runs away (31-43) and in the third period closes the confrontation with Aquila (partial 32-15) who brings the Repesa quintet to its knees, which also has Groselle with 4 fouls . Last quarter of routine for Reyer who shoots 42 free throws, excellent Echodas (19 points in 18 ‘), evening of vein for Brooks, in Fortitudo the only high points are by Richardson (16 points).

Fortitudo: Richardson 16, Groselle 10, Gudmundsson 9.

Venezia: Echodas 19, Watt 15, Brooks 14.

Standings: Venice 3-0; Reggio Emilia 1-1; Fortitudo 0-3

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Supercoppa, Venice in an avalanche on Fortitudo: Reyer sees the Final Eight

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