Swimmers Seemanová and Horská were fourth at the European Championships in the short pool

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The Seeman family did not have enough for the medal or the Czech record of 52.23 seconds, which improved their own maximum from the International Swimming League in Naples by eight hundredths. Three tenths separated it from the medal. The Dutchman Marrit Steenbergen won the bronze with a time of 51.92.

In the middle of the track, Seeman turned third, but did not maintain her position on the podium. In addition to Steenbergen, she was also preceded by the winning Swede Sarah Sjöström (51.26) and the silver Polka Katarzyna Wasicková (51.58).

The 21-year-old Czech crawler has significantly improved since last year’s European Championships in the short pool, where she finished tenth on this track. Her main discipline is the 200th, on which she will defend the position of the European champion from the long pool. It starts on Saturday at the championship in Kazan.

Horská also succeeded

Twenty-four-year-old Horská, who, like Seeman, is led by Petra Škábová, was even closer to precious metal. Thanks to a strong conclusion on the hundredth, she approached her Czech record of 2: 19.88 at the breast race, but it was two tenths apart from the bronze Francesca Fangio from Italy. Sixteen-year-old Russia’s Yevgeny Chikunova won in a new junior world record of 2: 16.88.

Half an hour after this final, Horská jumped into the pool again and in the semifinals of the 200-meter position race she improved her personal record by 38 hundredths to 2: 08.85. This meant fourth place and advancement to the finals in the third discipline, in which he starts at the championship. He still has the seventh place in his account from a long position.

Both Kubová and Zábojník did well

two other Czech representatives also succeeded in the semifinals. Mark Simona Kubová advanced to the finals from the fifth place in the hundredth time in 57.36 seconds, which is her best performance this year. The Czech record holder secured the finals for this third and final attempt at this championship and can follow up on the fifth places in the hundreds from 2017 and 2019.

Matěj Zábojník improved his Czech record from the heat to 200 meters breaststroke. Time 2: 04.67 meant sixth place and final participation. Another Czech representative, Vojtěch Netrh, was fifteenth in the semifinals of this discipline.

Jan Šefl also secured the right to start in the semifinals in the morning heats for the 50-meter butterfly, but in the end he did not enter it.

European Short Pool Swimming Championships in Kazan (Russia):
100 m sign:
1. Kolesnikov (Rus.) 49.13
2. Glinta (Rum.) 49.31
3. Christu (Řec.) 49.87
… in the semifinals of the 9th Franta (Czech Republic) 50.84.
200 mot .:
1. Razzetti (It.) 1: 50,24
2. Milák (Hungary) 1: 51.11
3. Pavlov (Rus.) 1: 51.81
… 6. Gemov 1: 52.69
8. Luňák (both CR) 1: 54.35.
200 m half thread:
1. Vazaios (Sec.) 1: 51.70
2. Ceccon (It.) 1:52,49
3. Razzetti 1: 52.75.
100 m v. zp.:
1. Sjöström (SWE) 51.26
2. Wasicková (Pol.) 51,58
3. Steenbergen (NZL) 51.92
4. Seemanová (Czech Republic) 52.23 – Czech record.
1500 m v. zp.:
1. Kirpičnikovová (Rus.) 15: 18,30
2. Quadarellaova 15:34,16
3. Caramignoli (both It.) 15: 37,33
50 character:
1. Toussaintová (Niz.) 25.79
2. Pigreeová (Fr.) 26.08
3. The Waardová (Niz.) 26,11
… in the semifinals 9. Kubová (CZE) 26.60.
200 breasts:
1. Chikunova 2: 16.88
2. Temnikova (both Russians) 2: 18.45
3. Fangiová (It.) 2:19,69
4. Horská (CZE) 2: 19.89.
Semifinals with Czech participation:
200 m prsa:
1. Kamminga (Niz.) 2:02,54
… 6. Cartridge 2: 04.67
15. Non-market (both CR) 2: 07.87
100 m sign:
1. All Saints’ Day 56.04
… 5. Kubová 57.36.
200 m position:
1. Gorbenková (ISR) 2: 06.75
… 4. Mountain 2: 08.85.

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Swimmers Seemanová and Horská were fourth at the European Championships in the short pool

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