Training in contemporary dance? In Move Dance Studio

There are many dancers who would like to make dance their profession, working every day on what they are most passionate about. Despite this, most do not find centers that adequately train them, leading to wasted time that could emasculate their careers and not lead them to become the professionals they could be.

On Move Dance Studio, that will not happen. Move Dance Studio is an exclusive center based in Valencia where you can carry out professional training in dance of quality that will lead to success for all his dancers.

Move Dance Studio, exclusive center for professional training in contemporary and modern dance

Move Dance Studio is an academy that specializes in professional training in modern and contemporary dance. This aims to make the dancer grow as a performer and give him the tools and confidence to have a long career full of joys. It has different branches of specialization so that, whatever their style, the student finds quality training and builds a solid base to develop.

In charge of the directors of the center, Alex Sieff and Barbara Pereira, teachers of international stature, the unique training program in Spain and developed for more than a decade positions the institution as one of the most advantageous centers where you can receive complete and superior quality dance training. Given the experience of its professionals, the training attracts each edition to students of different nationalities and from all over the Spanish territory, which generates an environment of unique personal growth where everyone is welcomed, in a respectful and collaborative community where everyone has room to grow.

In addition, the professional training offered by Move Dance Studio is personalized for each of the students. It adapts and evolves as the student improves and learns, enhancing their strengths and giving them the self-confidence necessary for auditions and castings that will come.

The Move Dance Studio PRO or professional training is the area of ​​the specialized academy that offers all the competent tools to live off the passion of dance. It has advanced personalized programs of various styles and a bimonthly choreographic laboratory where you can work as a professional company and learn everything about this future profession. Individual work and video dance will complement the training, also offering quality audiovisual material to introduce yourself to the world of work.

On the other hand, the academy offers international collaborations with different types of centers, such as academies in Italy, France or South America. Thanks to this, students can expand their knowledge around the world through workshops, activities, courses, etc.

People interested in accessing this professional training can consult the Move Dance Studio website for more complete and detailed information or go to the facilities to create a personalized plan. The future of dance is in Valencia, at Move Dance Studio.

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Training in contemporary dance? In Move Dance Studio

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