Unstoppable Warriors, Roll Nets and… All the results of the night

Golden State continues to win: this time the hero is Wiggins. Lonzo Ball wins the challenge with Doncic and Chicago folds Dallas. Milwaukee champions break New York’s Garden, Nets move to Orlando with near-perfect Durant

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Lonzo Ball submerges Doncic’s Mavs under his triple, Connaughton for once is more decisive than Antetokounmpo and allows Milwaukee to break through the Garden of New York, home of the Knicks. It is the showcase of the 12 games of the NBA night under observation. Golden State continues to grind successes, the hero of the evening is Wiggins, Denver wins without the suspended Jokic, Harden with the triple double for the Nets.

Remember when Lonzo Ball at the beginning of his NBA career lacked even a presentable shot from a great distance? Ancient history. Against the Mavs (7-4) the Bulls playmaker (8-3) scores 7 triples, LaVine adds 23 points and Chicago wins, confirming the excellent start to the season. The Texans “hold” for a while, up to 51-48, then it becomes a monologue of the favorites of the United Center. Caruso adds the “shock” from the bench by scoring 11 points in the 4th quarter alone to avoid danger, and Coach Donovan’s guys don’t even have to engage high gears to prevail. Kidd can console himself with Porzingis’ decent performance, with 22 points and 12 rebounds, while Doncic closes with 2 rebounds from the triple double, but also shooting 6/18 and with a disturbing -20 of plus / minus.

Chicago: LaVine 23 (6/10, 2/2, 5/6 t.l.), Ball 21, Vucevic 18. Rimbalzi: Vucevic 10. Assist: Ball/DeRozan 6.

Dallas: Porzingis 22 (7/13, 2/3, 2/2 t.l.), Hardaway 21, Doncic 20. Rimbalzi: Porzingis 12. Assist: Doncic 10.

Golden State-Minnesota 123-110

The Dubs go up 10-1 this season, the league’s best record, dismissing Wolves practice (3/7) with ease. Minny remains in contact only in the 1st quarter, then despite Edwards’ magical night of 47 points, the Californians manage the game without worries. Wiggins is on a day of grace, he places 35 on the scoresheet, Curry is the usual team man, Looney turns down 17 rebounds. The only scare for Coach Kerr is the injury suffered by Draymond Green in the middle of the 3rd quarter, in the right thigh, looking for a support in the basket. He came out after free throws, he had ice on him after the match, but that shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

Golden State: Wiggins 35 (11/13, 3/6, 4/4 t.l.), Curry 25, Poole 14. Rimbalzi: Looney 17. Assist: Curry/Green 6.

Minnesota: Edwards 47 (9/14, 7/13, 8/11 t.l.), Russell 18, Towns 17. Rimbalzi: Towns 12. Assist: Beverley/Russell 7.

Total control of the Brooklyn Nets (8-4) in Orlando and a victory never really in question thanks to an offensive performance of the highest level. The boys coached by coach Steve Nash produced significant numbers in attack (56% shooting in the 1st half, 50% from the field and 43.2% from three at the end of the game) and took advantage of the bad evening from the hosts’ arc ( 4/33), always too far from being the protagonists of the script of the race. Kevin Durant was almost perfect (30 points and 11/12 shooting), James Harden exalted himself with yet another triple double of the season (17 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists) and LaMarcus Aldridge dominated the parquet by coming off the bench. For the thirty-six-year-old former Spurs 21 points with 9/16 from the field, 3/5 from three and 8 rebounds in 22 ‘: a basketball machine. Nets always ahead in this match, alone after reaching +20 (95-75) at the beginning of the 4th period.

Orlando: Ross 17 (7/14, 3/6 tl), Bamba 14, Wagner/Anthony 10. Rimbalzi: Bamba 9. Assist: Suggs 4.

Brooklyn: Durant 30 (11/12, 2/2 da tre, 6/7 tl), Aldridge 21, Harden 17. Rimbalzi: Harden 11. Assist: Harden 11.

New York-Milwaukee 100-112

Tougher, more complete, hungrier. The Milwaukee Bucks (6-6) win at Madison Square Garden against the excellent New York Knicks (7-5) a match played splendidly by both teams, decided only in the last 5 ‘of the match by a hail of triples of the reigning champions , dragged by Pat Connaughton, author of 23 points (7/13 from the arc) and three very heavy distance baskets in the final. The +24 achieved by Milwaukee in the 3rd quarter seemed to have secured the result for Mike Budenholzer’s boys but the proud reaction from New York changed the script. The Knicks scored 89 in the last 5 minutes thanks to Quickley’s triple (18 points), before being stunned by the flurry of opponents’ triples that restored their dominance. Best in the field for New York was Derrick Rose (22 points with 6 triples, 7 assists and 3 steals), fabulous commander of the second unit (68 points scored overall) who made it much better than the owners. A softer evening, on the other hand, for Giannis Antetokounmpo (15 points, 15 rebounds and 8 assists), well supported by the supporting cast and a devastating 26/50 from three collective.

New York: Rose 22 (8/15, 6/8 of three), Quickley 18, Randle 16. Rebounds: Gibson 9. Assists: Rose 7.

Milwaukee: Connaughton 23 (8/14, 7/13 da tre), Holiday 18, Portis 17. Rimbalzi: Antetokounmpo 15. Assist: Antetokounmpo 8.

The Nuggets (7-4) win despite the absences of Jokic, suspended, and Porter, injured in the back. The life preserver is called Barton, who scores 30 points, his highest of the season. Well Nnaji, completely excluded from the rotations of Coach Malone, who adds 19 off the bench. For the Pacers (4/8) yet another narrow defeat, and yet another match in which they pay for absences: this time they recovered Brogdon, but they were without LeVert, stopped by back pains. The field pains worsen when Lamb’s triple at the end, to force the extra, does not find the retina. Sabonis’ 20 points and 19 rebounds are not enough for the Pacers.

Denver: Barton 30 (5/10, 6/9, 2/2 t.l.), Nnaji 19, Hyland/ Je.Green 12. Rimbalzi: Gordon 9. Assist: Morris/Hyland 4.

Indiana: Brogdon 25 (8/14, 3/7, 0/1 t.l.), Sabonis 20, McConnell 16. Rimbalzi: Sabonis 19. Assist: McConnell 9.

And the night came when Frank “The Tank” Kaminksy, legend at Wisconsin University, hitherto supporting actor among the professionals, scored 31 points in the NBA. The career high of the long former Badgers, from the bench, taking advantage of the absence of the injured Ayton, is worth the success for the Suns (7-3) who shoot with 52% and stay ahead for the whole second half. Portland (5-7) loses for the fourth time in the last six outings, unpresentable in defense, despite a Lillard shooting shooting, but always short of the line, after defining the new less permissive referee rules with those looking for “unacceptable contacts “.

Phoenix: Kaminsky 31 (10/13, 2/5, 5/5 t.l.), Paul 21, McGee 14. Rimbalzi: McGee 8. Assist: Paul 7.

Portland: Lillard 28 (11/19, 1/4, 3/4), Powell 23, McCollum 18. Rimbalzi: Lillard/Little 7. Assist: Lillard/McCollum 7.

Cleveland-Washington 94-97

A triple from Kyle Kuzma at 12 ” from the siren gives Washington (8-3) the away win over the Cleveland Cavaliers (7-5), who then had the opportunity with Darius Garland to win from the bow. The victory of the Wizards, sealed by Corey Kispert’s layup, also bears the signature of another former Laker, Montrezl Harrell, fundamental with his 24 points, 11 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals coming off the bench. Only 13 points with 4/19 from the field, however, for Bradley Beal, who however contributed with 7 rebounds and 7 assists. For the Cavs, 58 combined points from the trio formed by Ricky Rubio (20 points), Evan Mobley (19 points and 7 rebounds) and Garland (19 points).

Cleveland: Rubio 20 (6/15, 1/5 of three, 7/8 tl), Mobley 19, Garland 19. Rebounds: Allen 10. Assists: Rubio 5.

Washington: Harrell 24 (8/12, 8/8 tl), Kuzma 22, Beal 13. Rimbalzi: Harrell 11. Assist: Beal 7.

San Antonio-Sacramento 136-117

The Spurs (4/7) had not won at home since their season debut. They return to success, against the Kings (5/7) dominating, always ahead. Despite the Californians exhibiting the best performance of the season by Fox, which holds 37 points. But the Spurs shoot with 53% and achieve the maximum points of the season, with Murray taking the lion’s share, scoring 26. Bagley still not employed, after rumors of an alleged refusal to enter against Indiana denied by Coach Walton.

San Antonio: Murray 26 (9/16, 2/5, 2/2 t.l.), Eubanks 18, McDermott 17. Rimbalzi: Johnson 12. Assist: Murray 7.

Sacramento: Fox 37 (12/19, 2/5, 7/8 t.l.), Mitchell/Metu 13. Rimbalzi: Holmes 12. Assist: Fox/Mitchell 6.

Memphis-Charlotte 108-118

The Hornets (6/7) return to success after 5 consecutive defeats riding Kelly Oubre, who scored 37 points, his career high, starting from the bench. Hayward adds 25, with an immaculate 11/11 on free throws, and Coach Borrego’s boys beat Memphis, betrayed by Bane, who missed the last 15 triples attempted, this time closes 1/10 with 6 falls in 21 ‘, and despite the 32 points of Morant who tries in vain to keep the Grizzlies on their feet (6-5).

Memphis: Morant 32 (12/21, 1/6, 5/5 tl), Brooks 20, Jackson 19, Rebounds: Adams 13. Assist: Morant 8.

Charlotte: Oubre 37 (6/8, 7/9, 4/4 t.l.), Hayward 25, Ball 12. Rimbalzi: Bridges/Ball 9. Assist: Ball 8.

Aggressive and determined the Boston Celtics (5-6), who beat the Toronto Raptors (6-6) at the TD Garden with a Jayson Tatum with 22 points, 12 rebounds and 7 assists and a majestic Robert Williams III, author of a double double from 16 points and 13 rebounds, 8 offensive. Fundamental for the hosts are Schroeder’s 20 points, made responsible by Jaylen Brown’s absence, and Richardson’s 15 off the bench. Toronto never in the lead during the match and under 25% in the three-point shot (6/25). An opaque test for the Canadians trained by Coach Nurse, in their first away defeat of the season.

Boston: Tatum 22 (8/24, 3/7 from three, 3/4 tl), Schroder 20, Williams III 16. Rebounds: Williams III 13. Assist: Tatum 7.

Toronto: Barnes 21 (7/11, 7/8 tl), Anunoby 14, Trent Jr. 14. Rimbalzi: Achiuwa 9. Assist: Van Vleet 6.

In the challenge between the first two choices of the last Draft, Cade Cunningham and Jalen Green, the third wheel was dominated by Jerami Grant, who with 35 points led the Pistons (2-8) to the first away victory of the season on the field of Rockets (1-10). The freshmen showed important things. And if for Green (23 points), intense and ferocious, the first races had already been talked about, the same could not be said of Cunningham (20 points, 8/18 shooting, 4/8 of three), this time less blurry and more lucid. .

Houston: Green 23 (8/20, 3/11 da tre, 4/4 tl), Wood 20, Porter Jr. 18. Rimbalzi: Wood 9. Assist: Porter Jr.

Detroit: Grant 35 (12/23, 4/9 from three, 7/9 tl), Cunningham 20, Bey 16. Rebounds: Bey 9. Assist: Joseph 5.

New Orleans- Oklahoma City 100-108

Lu Dort’s 27 points with a very heavy 9/10 in free throws and Gilgeous-Alexander’s 24 (with 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 blocks) lead Oklahoma City (4-6) to the 3rd win in a row, this time on the Pelicans’ field (1-11). The 33 points of Nickeil Alexander-Walker, Shai’s cousin, were not enough for the Pels. Usual good performance for OKC by rookie Josh Giddey, a Thunder man everywhere with 7 points, 12 rebounds and 9 assists.

New Orleans: Alexander-Walker 33 (10/22, 4/10 da tre, 9/11 tl), Valanciunas 25, Graham 18. Rimbalzi: Valanciunas 15. Assist: Temple 5.

OKC: Dort 27 (8/13, 2/7 da tre, 9/10 tl), Gilgeous-Alexander 24, Bazley 14. Rimbalzi: Giddey 12. Assist: Giddey 9.

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Unstoppable Warriors, Roll Nets and… All the results of the night

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