Virtus Bologna immediately on the ball, Varese wins in the sprint with super Gentile

Belinelli and Hervey drivers in Trento. Reggio wins at Fortitudo and after the game Repesa announces his resignation: “I can’t go on anymore”. In Varese Gabriel misses the triple on the siren and Brescia goes out. Trieste is more lucid in the overtime, while Brindisi spoils the free throws of the possible second overtime. Treviso breaks through the Tortona field. Venice on velvet with Cremona

First day of Serie A. Today seven games after the opening game on Saturday that saw Milan conquer the field of Naples 73-63.


Serie A restarts with solid certainty. Virtus Bologna respects the prediction and in the postponement of the first day overtakes Trento at the Blm Group Arena. Bologna starts the championship on the right foot, sending five players in double figures. Trento is still a work in progress. After the coat in the Super Cup there could not have been a tougher team to face. It will take time to amalgamate the newcomers (the American park is completely new), but there are still good signs, especially from Reynolds and Flaccadori. Ready to go and Virtus immediately scores thirty points in the first ten minutes. After the first mini advantage of Trento (6-2) Bologna bites the match, immediately trying to escape (17-30 at the end of the first quarter) thanks to the inspired Belinelli, Hervey and Alibegovic. However, he must quickly do without Abass, forced to leave the game, the victim of a sprained knee. The triples of Flaccadori, Bradford and Mezzanotte at the start of the second quarter give new energy to L’Aquila and above all allow it to mend the wide gap (33-37). Scariolo’s team now struggles to find the way to the basket, closed by the close defense of Trentino. Belinelli is the right player to be able to unhinge it (33-46). Trento tries to resist, but at the long interval Bologna is thirteen ahead (43-56). Virtus comes out of the changing rooms much better. The Dolomiti Energia sins in lucidity, with several turnovers and fouls attack. Bologna takes advantage of this and with the inspired Hervey and the brilliant star of Teodosic flies to +24 (58-82), effectively closing the match, even if Trento does not give up and in the final, with pride, returns up to -10, closing to the applause of the audience. (Andrea Orsolin)

Trento: Reynolds 24, Flaccadori 13, Forray 12
Bologna: Hervey 21, Belinelli 19, Weems 15

TRIESTE- BRINDISI 84-82 dts Forty minutes of great balance weren’t enough, it took an extra stretch to sanction the winning debut in Trieste that breaks down the Brindisi taboo and begins its season with a precious success. A painful but well-deserved victory for Franco Ciani’s team who managed to keep themselves cooler in the decisive minutes of the over time when, relying on their most experienced men, they managed to bring the game home. Brindisi risked winning it at the end of the regulation (Josh Perkins’ mistake), then with Adrian he wasted at the last second of the over time the free throws that could have taken the teams to the second extra time. There remains the confirmation of the qualities of Vitucci’s formation and the great match of a Redivo who has shown, on the pitch, that he deserves to be confirmed in the HappyCasa jersey. (Lorenzo Gatto)

Trieste: Konate 15, Grazulis 13, Delia 13.

Brindisi: Redivo 20, J. Perkins 15, N. Perkins 11.

A Gentile already leader (7/10 of 2, 7 rebounds and 7 assists) leads Varese to a winning debut, helped by a double-double Egbunu (12 points and 13 rebounds) and the offensive ideas of the Jones-Beane couple. Amato, called to make up for the absence of USA playmaker Kell, undergoing surgery on the tibia, makes his debut in the red and white jersey with a triple that brings the home team to +19 (27-8 at 8’04 “). Brescia takes advantage, however, of a few mistakes too many in the free throws of Vertemati’s team (only 58.3% at 20 ‘) and a better defensive intensity to get back into the game. He does so with Mitrou-Long’s tufts (38-34 at 19’30 “) and the plays of Moss who completes an excellent second quarter of Germani (11-25 the partial) to reach 38-37 at the long interval. start of recovery, a three-point game by Della Valle and a left-handed sinking by Mitrou-Long on alley oop give Brescia the first advantage (45-47 at 22 ‘). Now the confrontation is between Gentile and Della Valle: the first brings Varese back to +5 (65-60 at 33’30 “), the second punches the retina of the distance to keep the balance on the parquet. Beane tries a new mini-break (69-63 in the 36th minute) before losing a trivial ball, immediately imitated by Sorokas. Meanwhile, Petrucelli has to leave the field in the arms of his teammates for a dig. The final is incandescent: Gentile wants to get the game back in hand (+6 73-67 at 38’35 “), but two free throws by Della Valle reduce the difference on the scoreboard (73-69 at 37” from the siren). Beane throws the ball into the area for Egbunu, Brescia recovers it and Gabriel scores his third triple (73-72 at 16 ”). Amato loses the ball for an infraction on the throw-in. Della Valle misses in penetration, Sorokas recovers the rebound, is fouled and scores free throws (75-72). There are 7 cents on the clock, but this time Gabriel misses the extra shot. (Antonio Franzi)

Varese: Gentile 18, Beane 17, Jones 16 Brescia: Della Valle 18, Cobbins 14, Gabriel 11

The final sprint rewards Sassari and burns the courageous test of Pesaro who fails by 3 with his best player on the field, the winger Sanford, the triple of the potential external blow on the edge of the siren. A hard-fought and balanced match with Sassari who must renounce the play holder Clemmons, who flew to the USA to attend the birth of his wife (two twins were born, congratulations), while Petrovic relegates his director Pacheco, already refused after the Super Cup, on the bench and employs with a dropper. In the last quarter, Pesaro under the pressure of Sanford stretches to +7 (52-59), immediately mended by Dinamo’s 10-0 break who takes refuge in the triple of the eternal Logan and in the muscles of Mekowulu (nice duel between the US centers with Jones) and then relies on Stefano Gentile’s experience. Pesaro remains in the slipstream and can overtake with the last possession but the good performance of Sanford does not find the winning seal. Now Petrovic is waiting for the US playmaker Larson to improve a team still in the pipeline.
Sassari: Mekowulu 21, Logan 14, Bendzius e S.Gentile 10
Pesaro: Sanford 22, Jones 16, Tambone 12

FORTITUDO-REGGIO E. 80-81 Reggio Emilia crushes PalaDozza and takes home the first victory in the championship with the trio formed by Olisevicius (16 points), Cinciarini (9 assists) and Hopkins (12 points and 11 rebounds) while a super Aradori (18 points) is not enough for Fortitudo with 4/7 from 3) and fails the victory roll with Gudmundsson, but in the aftermath the resignation of Repesa makes noise: “Fortitudo is my life, but I can no longer go on”. Reggio starts better than thanks to Candi’s triples and excellent ball circulation, inspired above all by Cinciarini’s 4 assists, closes the first quarter ahead by 5 (23-28 at 10 ‘). Fortitudo reacts with Procida and Richardson and draws the score (31-31 at 15 ‘) but Crawford places two consecutive triples and forces Repesa to time out to fix the defense. However, the stop did not shake Bologna and Unahotels went to the interval, reaching the maximum advantage (35-46). Thanks to Richardson and Aradori, Fortitudo immediately places a 12-2 break that calls everything into question, but Caja’s team remains lucid and relies on Crawford to stay ahead in the score (61-64 at 30 ‘). Aradori takes matters into his own hands and builds the overtaking (70-66 in the 34th minute) and when Ashley also starts to bounce, Bologna tries to run away with Mancinelli’s triple (78-74 in the 37th minute). The recovery of Unahotels is led by Cinciarini and Hopkins (80-81 in the 39th minute), but the fate of the match passes twice between the hands of Gudmundsson who first misses two free throws and then the triple for the victory at the end, allowing Reggio Emilia to achieve success. (Francesco Pioppi)

Fortitudo: Aradori 18, Richardson 15 and Ashley 14.

Reggio Emilia: Olisevicius 16, Hopkins e Candi 12

The impact with the highest category of basketball is hard for Derthona, who lose at home, at the PalaFerraris in Casale Monferrato, against Treviso, which confirms what has been shown in Europe so far, 77-92. The guests took off in the third quarter, when the decisive moat was dug, with the +12 guest, while the first two quarters were balanced, albeit with slight advantages for the guests. Tortona got little from the new Americans, Macura in particular (1 point and 3 fouls) and Ramondino relied heavily on the promoters, Mascolo (17p) above all, able to drag his three times to the advantage in the first half. The balance characterizes the first quarter, with Dimsa leading his team to +5 but Severini closes on 15-17. Tortona opens the second period moving forward with Mascolo: the Neapolitan play will have decisive ideas to overtake his team three times, up to 27-26, but at the break it goes up to 35-40. You return with the + 9 at 24 ‘of Treviso and here comes the decisive extension: Russell inspires and scores, Dimsa (28 p) sets the triple of +12, 41-53, with a partial 10-0 for the guests ,. +15 at 27 ‘, for Dimsa 8/10 from 3, the whole Derthona has only put in 2 and here is a key to the match. Akele and Jones give depth in the area, Russell (15 points) runs away from all sides, Dimsa has an industrial hand of three, Tortona loses contact, closes 53-70. The last quarter has no meaning, apart from the awakening of Daum (double double in the last minutes, like Cain), and leads to the final 77-92. (Stefano Brocchetti)Tortona: Mascolo 17, Cain e Daum 15 Treviso: Dimsa 28, Sokolowski 17, Russell 16

Take off Venice at the debut, Cremona bows after a good start. Human without Bramos and Charalampopoulos, Vanoli with Radic for McNeace. De Raffaele starts with Stone in the quintet, Galbiati with Harris on the bench. Start in the sign of Brooks (5-0), then Spanish is unleashed (10 points in a row, 14-13). Attacks unleashed for the ballistic quality of the players, Stone tries the break again (20-16), Cremona even overtakes (20-21), before the new orogranata extension (27-22). Daye is present and reactive (30-24), more grim defenses, percentages that fall, Watt accuses the flu attack of the week in his legs, Cournooh keeps Vanoli (37-32), Stone (second triple) in the waterline and the magic of Tonut launch Venice (44-34) into orbit, which absorbs Phillip’s unsportsmanlike without disruption. Spaniard falls badly on his back, he has to get out. Final in the sign of the defense of Reyer, Phillip and Tonut with the Umana that spreads (52-36). Inertia in the hands of Umana, Brooks and Tonut sign the +20 (62-42), Cremona struggles in the control room with a limited Spanish and Poet in a low mood (65-44). Venice plays smoothly, even if De Raffaele is forced to recall De Nicolao to the fourth foul (including the technician). Human at + 24 (70-46), then Tinkle turns on (70-52). Just a blaze from Vanoli, Sanders is a ferret, Phillip gets rid of the ballast (80-58), Venice flies, there is also room for Mazzola and Cerella. Last 5 ‘of pure academy. (Michele Contessa)

Venezia: Sanders 15, Brooks 15, Tonut 13.

Cremona: Spagnolo 15, Miller 15, Cournooh 13, Tinkle 11

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Virtus Bologna immediately on the ball, Varese wins in the sprint with super Gentile

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