Without full-backs, space for the Kalulu amulet. And there is also the “Swiss army knife” Florenzi

The national teams knocked out Calabria and Ballo-Touré. In view of the delicate trip to Florence, Pioli will be able to choose between the French talisman on the launching pad and the newfound former Roma player, ready to “help the club regain the place it deserves”. They will have to be ready for a new tour de force

They call them second lines because they sit on the sidelines waiting for their chance, without saying a word. The beauty is that they never go out of line, which is why they are appreciated. Pioli lost Calabria and Ballo-Touré through injury, the starter on the right and the reserve on the left, both knocked out with the national teams, so now it’s their turn: Florenzi and Kalulu. One returns from injury and has not played since September, the other has always been ready.


If Pioli were superstitious he would field Kalulu from 1 ‘against Fiorentina at the second half, beyond the fact that he is still the favorite on the right. A question of clean sheets. The Frenchman played 331 minutes in the league, and with him on the pitch Milan didn’t concede a single goal. Six games and one assist so far: 55 minutes with Juve, 90 ‘with Venezia, 72’ in La Spezia (winning touch for Maldini junior), 5 ‘in Bologna and 90’ total between Roma and Inter, not counting the three appearances in the Champions League (none as a starter). Kalulu is the perfect wildcard, the Rossoneri amulet, the former stranger who immediately became reliable, from central and full-back (his natural role). Pioli believes in it: last year he suddenly threw him into the fray against Parma, Genoa, Sassuolo and Lazio. Four 90 ‘matches for Kjaer’s stoppage. Milan unbeaten, a goal and lots of applause. “He’s good – said Romagnoli – he’ll give us a hand”. Also two. With Calabria out of the game, the right wing is his, even France U21 understood it. Now it is the certainty of Mr. Ripoll, who has always lined up the owner in the last 5. Specialized in taking advantage of every chance, he doesn’t want to waste a minute.


“Bello de ‘Nonna” wants to break the world apart again. Florenzi from Vitinia is back on the bench in the derby after a month and a half of stoppage. The meniscus injury kept him 8 games away. So far he had behaved as always, as a wild card: 7 appearances, 5 in the league and 2 in the Champions League, two as a starter (Lazio and Venice). Florenzi is Pioli’s “Swiss Army Knife”, as Garcia called him at the time of Roma. The one that plays where it is needed and does not leave you alone. Curiosity: up to now he has never been deployed full-back, at least from 1 ‘. Wide to the right in the three in front, a little incursor and a little hairpin, to let Saelemaekers catch his breath. Florenzi played 215 minutes and then stopped (last match on 28 September against Atletico), but returned to the bench in the derby. He entered the hearts of the fans for the reaction to Calhanoglu’s goal under the Rossoneri curve. A video immortalizes the furious Ale: he gets up, snaps and goes towards the Turk with the eyes of the tiger, as if to say “go back to your half court and stop making these scenes”. Florenzi is this, one of heart and instinct. A few years ago, after scoring for Roma, he went to hug his grandmother in the stands of honor. Now he is ready to take back Milan. With the emergency situation in defense he can carve out some space. It is now ready, and can not wait.


In a recent interview, Florenzi talked about his experience with the Rossoneri since his arrival, in which he said he was ready to give everything for Milan: “I am part of a team and a good group of players. It is always important to put ‘ us ‘before’ I. I am totally at the disposal of the coach and my teammates. For the moment I play high on the wing, but I am ready to play where I need it. The important thing is to always be ready when required “.

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Without full-backs, space for the Kalulu amulet. And there is also the “Swiss army knife” Florenzi

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